Green Hydrogen - Webinar Series

The abandonment of fossil fuels and the energy system's transformation is one of the most significant challenges of our time worldwide. While the focus so far has been primarily on generating electrical energy from renewable sources such as wind or solar, renewable hydrogen has recently been receiving more and more attention. But what role can renewable hydrogen play in the energy system of the future? How can hydrogen be produced in a climate-neutral way, and which applications are particularly suitable for the use of hydrogen?

These and many more questions will be answered in the "Green Hydrogen Webinar Series". The Webinar Series is part of a wider initiative to set up a joint Tunisian-German competence center and establish a new value chain based on renewable energies and green hydrogen. The organizers are the IUE, the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU), the Tunisian National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME), the Council for Engineering Sciences (CSI/OI), the Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT) and the German Engineers Association (VDI).

Via: YouTube Livestream - Link will be shared after registration mail
Time: weekly, Wednesday 19:00 / 7 pm
Duration: max. 1,5 hours (lecture + discussion)


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Section V

The role of hydrogen within the future Tunisian & German energy system

21.04. Green Hydrogen Alliance between Tunisia and Germany
Judith Kammerer, Senior Policy Officer for North Africa, Mediterranean Policy, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Berlin, Germany

Smart power grid, a key factor to boost the integration of green hydrogen in Tunisia
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ahmed Fakhfakh; Digital Research Center, Sfax, Tunisia
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Faouzi Derbel; Smart Diagnostic and Online Monitoring, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Germany

04.05.Germany’s National Hydrogen Strategy – Towards a Defossilised Society
Dr. Stefan Kaufmann; Innovation Commissioner for Green Hydrogen; Member of the German Bundestag, Berlin, Germany

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