ITG 5.2.1 – Fachgruppentreffen an der FH Osnabrück (19.09.2013)

Thema: Hochzuverlässige / Ausfallsichere Kommunikation

·        Architekturen

·        Modellierung

·        Planung

·        Bewertung

·        Protokolle

·        Anwendungen für kritische Infrastrukturen, z. B. Smart Grids

Ort: Raum AB112, Albrechtstr. 30, 49076 Osnabrück



10:30 Uhr                         Ankommen

11:00 - 12:30 Uhr             Workshop Teil I

 “EchoRing: Wireless Network Design and Evaluation for Hard Real-Time Applications”, Christian Dombrowski (RWTH Aachen), James Gross.  pdf-slides

So far, the unreliability of the wireless channel has prohibited the utilization of wireless networks for so called hard real-time applications. Such applications are for example encountered in industrial automation, where high reliability accompanied with very short latencies (in the range of milliseconds) need to be provided. Nevertheless, from a pure physical layer point of view, several techniques exists which appear to be promising to reach the desired levels of reliability and latency. In this talk we discuss a novel protocol named EchoRing, which integrates a distributed MAC scheme with cooperative relaying to reach extremely high levels of reliability at short latencies. The protocol development is furthermore supported by probabilistic model checking, which allows for a mathematically rigorous characterization of the system's reliability in face of deadlines. Apart from presenting the design of the system, we discuss theoretical performance evaluations of different protocol components as well as initial results from a prototypical implementation based on the WARP nodes from Rice university.


“Performance Evaluation of Reliable Communication Systems by Simulation”, Maciej Mühleisen (TUHH). pdf-slides


“Reactive Service Placement in Disaster Scenarios”, Manuel Osdoba (TU Ilmenau) pdf-slides

In disaster scenarios a supporting communication infrastructure for relief forces and victims has to be provided.

Furthermore several assisting services like the distribution of map data can be used for orientation and evacuation of the victims. Via an efficient placement of map service instances (caches) the load in these networks can be decreased. In this presentation we show requirements of networks for disaster scenarios with respect to software defined networking. We show mechanisms that are appropriate for a reactive service placement.



12:30  Uhr                 Mittagessen

13:30 - 15:00 Uhr     Workshop Teil II



“Reliable E-Vehicle-to-Grid Communications based on Model Checking assisted Test Case Generation”, Sven Gröning (TU Dortmund) pdf-slides


“An On-demand Multi-Path Interest Forwarding Strategy for Content Retrievals in CCN”, Asanga Udugama (Uni Bremen)  pdf-slides

Content Centric Networking (CCN) is a new paradigm in networking and a future Internet architecture. Performance evaluations show that conventional CCN forwarding strategies which use replication of Interests (standard) or the shortest path (best-face) do not perform well under high bandwidth requirements and loaded networks. We have designed and evaluated the performance of an On-demand Multi-Path Interest Forwarding (OMP-IF) strategy which identifies a set of paths based on the disjointness of paths to content locations. Then, the discovered paths are used simultaneously to distribute (split) Interests based on the characteristics of the paths. We have evaluated OMP-IF strategy using a simulator with a large scale network scenario and a realistic traffic generation model. The results show improved performance in CCN networks considering download time, load balancing,  content hit ratios, and other metrics.


 “Modelling and Optimisation for the Efficient Discovery of Services in Wireless Sensor Networks”, Markus Becker (Uni Bremen)  pdf-slides


15:00 - 16:00 Uhr     Fachgruppensitzung FG 5.2.1 / 5.2.4 parallel

                              FG 5.2.1 in Raum AB 112

                              FG 5.2.4 in Raum AB 113

ab 19:30  Uhr           Abendveranstaltung der Zukunft der Netze

20.09.2013:  ITG Fachtagung “Zukunft der Netze”: