Carl Reiner, M.Sc.

Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Ship Theory (M8)
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 4 (C)
D-21073 Hamburg
Room C5.022

Phone: +49 40 42878 3496

E-mail: carl.reiner(at)




2020 - present

Research Assistant at Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Ship Theory, Hamburg University of Technology

2017 - 2020

M.Sc. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Hamburg University of Technology

2013 - 2017

B.Sc. General Engineering Science, Hamburg University of Technology

- - - - - -

Major Areas of Interest & Expertise

Analysis and numerical reconstruction of sea states:

  • estimation of directional wave spectra with parametric and AI-based methods
  • deterministic reconstruction and forecasting
  • decision support systems / quiescent period detection

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite-Volume-Method, Boundary-Element-Method:

  • simulation of ship-wave-interaction in very shallow water
  • calculation of wave exciting drift forces
Current Projects
  •  RetroLadung: Development of simulation and AI-based Methods for increased Loading Safety of Container Transportation
  • VAMOS: Validation, Measurement and Optimization of Floating Wind Energy


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