Brand building for e-commerce startups


New companies have to focus their marketing activities to generate first sales and to attract the first customers. Thus, early marketing activities primarily comprise product advertising activities and performance marketing (e.g. Google AdWords). After all, the cost and the impact of these performance marketing measures can be tracked.
However, this focus implies that the young companies hardly invest in brand building in order to ensure long-term success on markets.
Perhaps targeted investment into the development of a brand image happens too late in many startups.


  1. Differentiating marketing for products/services from brand marketing.
  2. Providing an overview of channels and activities primarily serving the objective of brand building and the creation of a certain brand image.
  3. Summarizing the research on brand building and the entrepreneurship literature on the role of brands for startups.
  4. Developing elements of a brand building strategy for startups, particularly e-commerce startups.
  5. Applying these recommendations to a specific company in order to suggest a specific brand building strategy.