Influences on Sensory Experience and Perceived Quality

The importance companies place on the quality of their products is fundamental to their business strategy. Yet quality is implicitly inherent with interpretation. In marketing, quality is dependent on the perception by the consumer. To be able to create a high quality perception it is essential to understand the quality perception process and to know what the customers’ requirements are and how the sensory perception of the product can be influenced.

The main goal of this research was to gain a deeper understanding of the role that different quality cues can play during customers’ perceptions. Two experimental studies were conducted to analyse the impact of the service environment and the product packaging on sensory perceptions and evaluations.

The results generated practical implications for service providers and product designers alike. They demonstrated the importance of an appropriate and pleasing visual design. Additionally the results contribute to the theoretical work on perceived quality by demonstrating the relevance of including the actual perception process in models on quality.

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Prof. Dr. Christian Lüthje