The Role of broad personality traits in determining entrepreneurial intentions

The entrepreneurial personality is currently experiencing a renaissance in entrepreneurship research. However, the value of trait research is still discussed controversially in the literature due to ambiguous and inconsistent findings. These seem to be directly related to the type of personality traits under study. More recent research highlights the impact of “dark” personality traits and reinforces the contribution of broad traits in explaining entrepreneurial intentions and actions. In sum, there is still no conclusive answer to the question on what exactly constitutes an "entrepreneurial personality".

We try to address this gap by opening the “black box” of how and by which cognitive mechanisms broad personality traits indirectly influence intentions towards entrepreneurial behavior. Therefore, we combine the five-factor model of personality and the theory of planned behavior in a common research model and test for potential mediating effects.

The findings will shed light on which facets constitute an entrepreneurial personality, to what extent an individual’s entrepreneurial intention is indirectly predetermined by stable and broad traits, and the role of “dark traits” in self-selecting into entrepreneurial careers.

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Prof. Dr. Christian Lüthje