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Optimization of single-use bioreactors

In bioprocess technology, single-use bioreactors are increasingly being used, especially in mammalian cell cultivation. With the use of single-use plastic bags and stirring and gassing elements these offer a number of advantages over conventional stainless steel reactors. The flexibility and efficiency of production is increased many times over due to the no longer required cleaning validation and the faster changeover time between different batches or products. To ensure this flexibility, the geometry often deviates from standardised stirred tank reactors. Some of these deviations are the absence of baffles and the gassing elements used and their hoses inside the reactor. As a result, characterisations of the conventional stirred tank reactors, which are described in sufficient detail in the literature, cannot necessarily be transferred to the single-use systems.

As part of a project with Sartorius AG, an acrylic glass replica of the BIOSTAT STR® 2000 L has been constructed at the Institute for Multiphase Flows at Hamburg University of Technology. Experiments will be carried out and the reactor will be evaluated regarding mass transfer and mixing characteristics. Due to the transparent acrylic glass design of the reactor, data required by the industry such as the gas content, the bubble size distribution or the mixing zones can be visualized and evaluated.


Graduate Teaching Assistent

  • Fundamentals of Material Engineering