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Continuous Processes for Special Polymers Aided by Novel Apparatus Concepts (KoPPonA 2.0)

The chemical industry is one of the most energy-intensive production sectors in Germany, and its production processes still offer considerable potential for energy savings. While the production of petrochemical raw materials and basic chemicals is already carried out in highly energy-efficient continuous processes, the production of pharmaceuticals, fine and specialty chemicals still generally uses batch processes with low energy efficiency in multi-product plants.

As part of the ENPRO Initiative I and II, modular and flexible plant concepts have been and are being developed in order to be able to use the advantages of a continuous production mode for the fabrication of smaller and special chemical products. A major obstacle to the rapid implementation of these new concepts is the occurrence of fouling and deposits, which can severely disrupt continuous operation. 

In the joint project KoPPonA 2.0, the implementation of continuous process concepts for various polymer specialties which are particularly susceptible to the formation of deposits is to be promoted. Therefore, plant operators, apparatus manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, material scientists and process engineers work closely together to elucidate the causes of coating formation and to ensure the operation of continuous plants through innovative approaches in apparatus design, surface modification and reaction control.


Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Process Design Course WiSe 19/20
  • Computional Fluid Dynamics in Process Engineering SoSe 20 and SoSe 21
  • Lagrangian Transport in Turbulent Flows Sose 21

Supervised Theses

  • "Experimental Analysis of the Mixing Performance in Micro Channels at High Volume Flow Ratios and Low Reynolds Numbers", Rieke Schlütemann, Bachelor thesis, 2020
  • "Comparison of Active and Passive Micro Mixers Designed for Asymmetric Mixing Tasks", Kayla Reata Dittmer, Bachelor thesis, 2020
  • "Numerische Simulation einer parallel-kompetitiven chemischen Reaktion mit steifem Differentialgleichungssystem in einem mikro-strukturierten Strömungskanal bei kleinen Reynoldszahlen", Tobias Freund, Master thesis, 2021
  • "Experimentelle Untersuchung der Übertragbarkeit eines Mischprozesses vom Labordissolver auf eine duale asymmetrische Zentrifuge bei wässrigen Lacksystemen", Gerrit, Spiller Master thesis, 2021
  • "Numerische Simulation der Mischleistung in einem strukturierten Rohrreaktor bei einem hohen Viskositätsverhältnis der Teilströme", Vincent Bernemann, Master thesis, 2021
  • "Experimental Investigations of Mixing in a Split and Recombine Mixer using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy", Nithin Thonakkara James, Project Work, 2021

Oral and Poster Presentations



  • Frey, T.; Schlütemann R.; Schwarz, S.; Biessey, P.; Hoffmann, M.; Grünewald, M.; Schlüter, M. (2021). CFD analysis of asymmetric mixing at different inlet configurations of a split-and-recombine micro mixer. Journal of Flow Chemistry. [Abstract] [doi]