Daniel Niehaus, M.Sc.

Eißendorfer Str. 38, Building O, Room 1.008

Telephone +49 40 42878-4267

E-Mail: Daniel Niehaus, M.Sc.


National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030
Part of the BMBF Research Allianz: Protein Pressure Stability Impact (prot P.S.I)

Usage and understanding of critical stabilitylimits for proteins under pressure in the fine chemical and food industry.

Subproject B1: Development of a gassing solution for pressurized reactors. 

Supervised Theses

  • "Development of a process simulation of a bioreactor for high pressure applications" (Working title), Saad Posharkar, Master thesis, 2021
  • "Experimental Characterization of Modified Polyurethane Foams for Mechanical Clean Up of Oil Pollutants at Sea Surface", Srividya Kumar Bairamangala, Master project, 2021
  • "Experimental investigation of immobilized enzymes on additive-manufactured polyamide structures for the use in high-pressure applications", Jabrayil Guliyev, Master Thesis, 2020
  • "Experimentelle Charakterisierung einer Hochdruckbegasungseinheit für biotechnologische Anwendung durch optische Messmethoden", Nils Dürkop, Bachelor thesis, 2020

Oral and Poster Presentations

  • Niehaus, D.; Johannsen, M.; Ohde, D.; Perz, F.; Bubenheim, P.; Liebsch, G.; Liese, A.; Schlüter, M.: Design of aerated high pressure reactors for enzyme catalysed reactions., Himmelfahrtstagung on Bioprocess Engineering, Online conference, 2021, poster presentation
  • Niehaus, D.; Johannsen, M.; Schlüter, M.: Design of aerated high pressure reactors for enzymatic catalyzed reactions, 1. Hamburg-Bochumer Mehrphasensymposium, Online conference, 2020, poster presentation