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"Experimental Investigation of Reactive Bubbly Flows - Influence of Boundary Layer Dynamics on Mass Transfer and Chemical Reactions"

In chemical process engineering often a gaseous substance has to be mixed with a continuous liquid phase in order to perform a reaction with high yield and selectivity (e.g. oxidation or hydrogenation). For this purpose, the use of well mixed bubble flows is preferred, in which the gaseous phase is dispersed in the liquid phase. The timescales of mixing are especially determined by the transport processes in the boundary layer close to the phase boundary and by the bubble swarm-turbulence. Tuning the transport timescales and the timescales of the chemical reactions can lead to a considerable potential for optimization of the actual yield and selectivity. Thus transport processes in the boundary layer and close to interphase of free rising bubbles with a following chemical reaction are experimentally determined and subsequently modeled in the framework of this priority program. Especially the influence of dynamic interface deformation of the bubbles, due to shape dynamics (wobbling), the momentum exchange at the gas-liquid interface (swarm turbulence) and bubble collisions (bouncing) are taken into account. To accurately observe the local transport processes near the phase boundary Time Resolved Scanning Laser Induced Fluorescence (TRS-LIF) and high-resolution Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) are applied. The fruitful cooperation between chemists, mathematicians and experimentalists within the priority program will give a substantial contribution to understand the complex interaction between boundary layer dynamics, mass transfer and chemical reaction near the phase boundary.

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part of the SPP 1740: Reactive Bubbly Flows (German Research Foundation; DFG)

SPP 1740 homepage: reactive bubbly flows

supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG), reactive bubbly flows (SPP 1740; SCHL 617/12-1)

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Jahrestreffen Dresden - Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppen Mehrphasenströmungen, Partikelmesstechnik, Zerkleinern und Klassieren, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mischvorgänge und dem TAK Aerosoltechnologie, 2017, Dresden, Germany: "Einfluss der Grenzschichtdynamik auf den Stofftransport und chemische Reaktionen", Jens Timmermann, Marko Hoffmann, Michael Schlueter

Poster Presentations:

ESCRE 2015 - European Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering, 2015, Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany: "Experimental analysis of boundary layer dynamics inbubbly flows", Jens Timmermann, Marko Hoffmann, Michael Schlueter

MMPE2017 -  Third International Symposium on Multiscale Multiphase Process Engineering, 2017, Toyama, Japan: "Influence of boundary layer deformations on mass transfer and chemical reaction", Jens Timmermann, Marko Hoffmann, Michael Schlueter