Welcome to the Institute for Mechatronics (iMEK) at the Hamburg University of Technology. We invite you to take a look at our work, our capabilities, running research activities and of course the people behind all this.

We are always open to new challenges, open to collaboration with mid- to large-size companies and/or collaboration in research across disciplines. We do actuator- and sensor-design and work on many areas of control-engineering and robotics. We cover a wide range of electrical and mechanical dimensions between 1V and 1kV, from actuators of a couple of milliwatts up to 100kW electrical and mechanical power. We help with error-analysis and provide expert's reports, do electromagnetical designs, system-analysis and simulation. By all this, we help to improve systems and their design methodology. If you are interested in our capabilities, please feel free to contact us!

The leading guideline of our work can be summarized in „Human-Centered Engineering“. We are following this guiding thought in all our research work, but especially also in lecturing and teaching. Being an institute with a strong tradition we are currently in a phase of adding the area of micro-mechatronical systems for haptic and optic applications to the already existing maritim applicationst. If you are interested, feel free to browse our research areas.

Thorsten A. Kern


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