The Institute of Innovation Marketing is dedicated to the transfer of knowledge and therefore interacts intensively with business enterprises.

The forms of cooperation are diverse and range from collaboration in seminar projects, over the common supervision of master theses, to explicit research assignments.

Our competencies include state-of-the-art methods of market research for the evaluation of market potentials as well as theoretical and empirical approaches to the market-oriented development of new products and services.

Development of Market-oriented Innovations

  • Lead User Method
  • User Innovation Communities
  • User Innovation Toolkits
  • Customer Workshops
  • Identification of analogous solutions from other industries

Forms of

Student Project Seminars

Master Theses

Research Assignments

Evaluation of Innovations’ Marketability

  • Market-, Technology- and Patent-Portfolio Analysis
  • Target Customer Analysis (e.g. Conjoint Analysis, Means-Ends- Analysis)
  • Market Potential Analysis
  • Market Success Prognosis with Information Markets