Research Activities in the Institute of Energy Systems

Our actual Fields of Research comprise:

  • Coupled Power, Heating and Cooling Technology for Industrial Plant and Thermal Power Stations
  • Oxyfuel and CO2-free Power Plant Technology
  • Investigations of the Thermodynamic Cycles of Steam generating Units and Combined Cycle Plants
  • Improvement of the Steam Parameters
  • Operational Behaviour of Steam Turbines
  • Investigations of Power Station Components
  • Optimization of existing Power Plants
  • Dynamic and Partial Load Operation of Power Plants
  • Thermal Use of Exhaust Gases, Waste-Heat Boiler Plants in Power Stations
  • Biomass Combustion
  • Analyses of Exhaust Gases from Thermal Power Plants
  • Energy Management Systems for Thermal Power Plants
  • Damage Analyses, Diagnosis of Technical Systems in Power Stations
  • Flexible Operation of Power Plants

Concrete examples of our current research may be found here. These research activities are financed by the German Federal Government and other public bodies as well as Industry.

Numerous projects and dissertations have been completed in the past 20 years on Carbon Capture and Storage. This expertise of the Institute can be of benefit at any time.