List of open topics (theses and student projects)

The following topics are available for M.Sc. theses and student projects. The M.Sc. theses and projects may be conducted in German or English language. B.Sc. topics may be derived from the M.Sc. topics upon request.

Feel free to propose your own ideas. Potential topics cover the whole range of engineering informatics, such as software applications for civil engineering (including databases), smart monitoring systems, embedded systems/wireless sensor networks, building information modeling, blockchain technology, structural control, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems, additive manufacturing, etc.

Note that typically, we will define a specific assignment together. It is important that you know what you want and what you like before you look for topics. Please read the frequently asked question #4 first.

The institute currently starts its operations and our activities are currently being established. To guarantee excellent supervision, the topics will be available after mid-2021.

Automated design of structural analysis models and verification procedures using commercial software applications (Master thesis)Mathias Worm (
Communication methods of autonomous robotics and AI-based collaboration in construction (Master thesis)Mathias Worm (
Structured data exchange by extending the IFC standardMathias Worm (
Legged robots for the construction industryMathias Worm (
Development of an open-source application-oriented plugin for a web-based BIM serverMathias Worm (
Analysis of geometric representations in the IFC schema for additive manufacturing Patricia Peralta (
Sensitivity analysis of printing material with respect to variations in process parameters in additive manufacturing Patricia Peralta (
Development of a low-cost nitrate sensor for environmental monitoringJoaquin Peralta (
Fault-tolerant smart sensors based on deep learningJoaquin Peralta (
An explainable artificial intelligence model for smart structuresKosmas Dragos (
Design of a physics-based wireless sensing approach for cognitive buildingsKosmas Dragos (

Completed theses and student projects (as of February 2021)

Sensing technologies for material behavior studies in concrete printingMaster thesis2021
Design and implementation of a smartphone application for remote control of shake tablesMaster thesis2021
Enhancing the accuracy of the evaluation of thermal comfort using applications of smart monitoring stationMaster thesis2021
A modular approach towards cost-efficient monitoring based on microcontrollersMaster thesis2021
ITS simulation platformsStudent project2021
Automated planning of broadband infrastructurePhD thesis2020
Analysis of metamodeling approaches for describing monitoring-related informationMaster thesis2020
Virtual reality (VR) experiences of IFC-based wastewater treatment plant modelsMaster thesis2020
Evaluating thermal changes in the indoor environment of glass-façade office buildings affected by climate changeMaster thesis2020
Virtual operationalization of a programmable logic controller in OpenModelica [Virtuelle Inbetriebnahme einer speicherprogrammierbaren Steuerung in OpenModelica]Master thesis2020
Virtual reality experiences of IFC-based wastewater treatment plant modelsMaster thesis2020
IFC-based construction scheduling for wastewater treatment plantsMaster thesis2020
BIM-based generation of digital twins for dams [BIM-basierte Generierung von digitalen Zwillingen für Talsperren]Bachelor thesis2020
Sensor technologies and Internet of Things as Smart City components [Sensorik und Internet der Dinge als Bestandteile von Smart City]Bachelor thesis2020
Additive manufacturing in civil engineering: Slicing supported by building information modelingStudent project2020
Implementation and field validation of a wireless structural health monitoring systemStudent project2020
Hydraulic calculation of pipe and channel flows in Modelica [Hydraulische Berechnung von Rohr- und Gerinneströmungen in Modelica]Student project2019
From requirements anaysis to IFC extension: Design of a BIM model pipeline [Von der Anforderung zur IFC-Erweiterung: Entwurf einer BIM Modellpipeline]Bachelor thesis2019
An explainable artificial intelligence model coupling deep learning and blockchain technologyBachelor thesis2019
A semantic model for 3D concrete printingMaster thesis2019
Real-time wireless structural control using semi-active tuned liquid column dampersMaster thesis2019
Development of standardized data formats for BIM-based design of wastewater treatment plants [Entwicklung standardisierter Datenformate für den BIM-basierten Entwurf von Kläranlagen]Student project2019
Application of blockchain in civil engineering: Blockchain based SHM network analysisStudent project2019
An approach for fault identification using analytical redundancy in wireless structural health monitoring systemsStudent project2019
Analysis of metamodeling approaches for describing monitoring-related informationMaster thesis2018
Parametric bridge design using building information modeling [Parametrisierter Brückenentwurf im Kontext des Building Information Modelung]Bachelor thesis2018
Geometric algorithms for computing outside surfaces using building information models [Geometrische Algorithmen zur Bestimmung von Außenflächen auf der Basis von Bauwerksinformationsmodellen]Student project2018
Comparative study of experimentally tested tuned liquid column dampersStudent project2018
Analysis and extension of prognosis models for calculating the energy demand in the housing sector [Analyse und Erweiterung von bestehenden Prognosemodellen zur Bestimmung des Endenergiebedarfs im Wohnungssektor]PhD thesis 2016
Automated fault detection and isolation in structural health monitoring systems for road bridgesMaster thesis2017
BIM-based description of wastewater treatment plants [BIM-basierte Abbildung von abwassertechnischen Anlagen]Master thesis2017
Embedded stochastic subspace identification for operational modal analysis in wireless structural health monitoring systemsMaster thesis2017
BIM-based design of SHM-related processes and algorithmsMaster thesis2017
Development of a modular wireless structural health monitoring systemSpecial project2017
A wireless sensor network for structural health monitoringSpecial project2017
Structural health monitoring using wireless sensor networksSpecial project2017
Collaborative modal identification in wireless structural health monitoring systemsSpecial project2017
A wireless structural health monitoring system with embedded system identification capabilitiesStudent project2017
BIM-based modeling of structural health monitoring systems using the IFC standardMaster thesis2016
Added values of introducing BIM data in computer-aided facility management [Mehrwerte der Verwendung von Daten aus Bauwerksinformationsmodellen im Computer-Aided Facility Management]Master thesis2016
Cost-saving potentials through BIM in the operation stage of buildings [Kosteneinsparpotentiale durch BIM in der GebäudenutzungsphaseMaster thesis2016
Aspects of parametric-geometric modeling – a method for developing building information models [Aspekte der parametrisch-geometrischen Modellierung – eine Arbeitsweise zum Erstellen von Bauwerksinformationsmodellen]Bachelor thesis2016
How comes the problem into the game? [Wie kommt das Problem ins Spiel?]PhD thesis2016
Automated condition assessment of civil infrastructure using wireless sensor networks Special project2016
Autonomous fault detection in wireless structural health monitoring systems using decentralized neural networksMaster thesis2015
Rule-based quality assessment of building information models using industry foundation classes [Regelbasierte Prüfung der Modellqualität von Bauwerksinformationsmodellen auf Basis der Industry Foundation Classes] Master thesis2015
Algorithm for calculating flight paths for unmanned aerial vehicles based on building information models [Algorithmus zur Routenberechnung für unbemannte Fluggeräte auf der Basis von Bauwerksinformationsmodellen] Bachelor thesis2015
Visual coupling of sensor data with building information models based on Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) [Visuelle Kopplung von Sensordaten mit Bauwerksinformationsmodellen auf Basis der Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)] Bachelor thesis2015
Automated detailing of 4D schedulesPhD thesis2014
Automated integration of heterogeneous structural health monitoring dataStudent project2014
Integration heterogener Datenmengen aus BauwerksüberwachungssystemenStudent project2014
Development of data collection and data processing modules for wireless structural health monitoring systemsSpecial project2014
A modular structural health monitoring system for wireless strain measurementsSpecial project2014
Integrating state-of-the-art strain gauges into wireless sensor nodes for structural health monitoring applicationsSpecial project2014
A comparative study of wireless sensor nodes available for structural health monitoring applicationsSpecial project2014
Application of building information models in construction managementSpecial project2014
An Internet-enabled Multi-sensor System for Continuous Monitoring of Landslide ProcessesMaster thesis2013
A Wireless Environment Monitoring System for Ground Motion Detection based on Collective IntelligenceBachelor thesis2011
Lifetime Assessment of Wind Turbines [Lebensdauerabschätzung von Windenergieanlagen] Undergraduate research project2011
Decentralized Structural Health Monitoring based on Hybrid Agent Systems [Verteilte Bauwerksüberwachung auf der Basis hybrider Agentensysteme] Diploma thesis2010
Development of Self-Organizing Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring based on Emergent BehaviorMaster thesis2009
Design of E-Learning Software for the Automated Creation of Self-Learning Exercises as an Interactive Extension of a CAD System [Entwicklung einer E-Learning-Software als interaktive Erweiterung für ein CAD-System zur automatisierten Erstellung von Selbstlernaufgaben] Undergraduate research project2009
Implementation and Evaluation of Graphical Interaction Components for Modeling and Simulation of 2-Epoch-Buildings [Implementierung und Evaluierung von graphischen Interaktionskomponenten zur Modellierung und Simulation von Zwei-Epochen-Bauwerken] Undergraduate research project2009
Development of a Modeling Logic for Interactive Construction and Visualization of Complex Engineering Structures by the Example of 2-Epoch-Buildings [Entwicklung einer Modellierungslogik für die interaktive Erstellung und Visualisierung komplexer Tragstrukturen am Beispiel von Zwei-Epochen-Bauwerken] Undergraduate research project2009
Development of Efficient Algorithms for Automated Generation of Design Drawings based on Heterogeneous Data Sets [Entwicklung effizienter Algorithmen zur automatisierten Generierung von Konstruktionszeichnungen basierend auf heterogenen Datenbeständen] Undergraduate research project2009
CAD-based Adaptive Modeling of 2-Epoch-Buildings for Cross-medial Representation [Adaptive CAD-Modellierung von 2-Epochen-Bauwerken zur cross-medialen Repräsentation] Graduate seminar project2009
A CAD-based Software System for Time-discrete Progress Simulation of the Erection of Office Buildings under Consideration of Economic Boundary Conditions [Entwicklung eines CAD-basierten Softwaresystems zur zeitdiskreten Simulation des Baufortschritts für Bürogebäude unter Berücksichtigung ökonomischer Randbedingungen] Bachelor thesis2009
Development of an E-Tutor for CAD courses [Entwicklung eines E-Tutors für CAD-Kurse] Undergraduate research project2009
A Graphical Interaction Component for Planning the Destruction of Civil Engineering Buildings [Entwicklung einer graphischen Interaktionskomponente zur Planung von Bauwerkssprengungen] Undergraduate research project2008
CAD-supported Destruction Planning for Office Buildings [CAD-gestützte Planung zur Destruktion von Bürogebäuden in Massivbauweise] Graduate seminar project2008
5-dimensional Progress Simulation of Erecting Office Buildings [5D-Fortschrittssimulation der Erstellung von Bürogebäuden in Modulbauweise] Graduate seminar project2007
Design and JAVA-based Implementation of a Probabilistic Prognosis Model for the Assessment of Structural Damage using Markov Chain TheoryMaster thesis2007
Development of a Graphical User Interface for Automatically Computing and Visualizing Tunneling Projects [Entwicklung einer graphischen Benutzungsschnittstelle für CAD-Applikationen zur automatisierten Darstellung von Tunnelprojekten] Undergraduate research project2006
A CAD-based Application for the Automated Visualization of Tunnels in Variably Layered Geology [Entwicklung einer CAD-Applikation zur automatischen Visualisierung von Tunneln in beliebig geschichteter Geologie] Graduate seminar project2006
Development of an Agent-based Data Acquisition Application for Mobile DevicesMaster thesis2006
Development and Evaluation of a Generic Interaction Component as a Platform-independent Presentation Layer for Engineering Applications [Entwicklung und Evaluierung einer generischen Interaktionskomponente als plattformunabhängige Präsentationsschicht für Ingenieuranwendungen] Diploma thesis2005
Automated Planning and Design of Sewage Plants [Automatisierte Planung und Bemessung von Kläranlagen] Graduate seminar project2005
Evaluation and Application of Data Mining Techniques [Evaluierung und Anwendung etablierter Data Mining-Verfahren zur Auswertung von Datenbeständen] Undergraduate research project2005
Computer-aided Processing of Complex Engineering Projects [Computergestützte Bearbeitung komplexer Bauprojekte] Undergraduate research project2004
Interactive, CAD-based Design of Multifunctional Stadiums [Interaktive, CAD-gestützte Planung von Multifunktionsarenen] Seminar project2004
Development of a Software Agent for the Administration of Complex Data in Civil Engineering [Entwicklung eines Software-Agenten zur Verwaltung komplexer Datenbestände aus dem Bauwesen] Diploma thesis2004
Development of a Knowledge-based System for Data Analysis in the Context of Structural Health Monitoring [Entwicklung eines wissensbasierten Systems zur Analyse von Messdaten aus dem Bauwerksmonitoring] Diploma thesis2003
Interactive, CAD-based Design of Rope Bridges [Interaktive, CAD-gestützte Planung von Schrägseilbrücken] Graduate seminar project2003