PhD Theses


  • {Ahmadi Barogh}, Siavash (2023). Distributed source seeking with formation control of multi-agent systems. [Abstract] [doi]

  • Datar, Adwait (2023). Distributed control of multi-vehicle systems using modular architectures. [Abstract] [doi]


  • Schulz, Erik (2022). LPV system identification and order reduction with application to turbocharged SI engines. [Abstract] [doi]


  • {Attallah, Aly Saeed Aly Aly} (2021). Distributed control for complex mission scenarios with non-holonomic agents -- an LPV approach. [Abstract] [doi]

  • {Gonzalez Cisneros}, Pablo Sebastian (2021). Quasi-Linear Model Predictive Control: Stability, Modelling and Implementation. [Abstract] [doi]

  • Pusch, Manuel (2021). Blending of Inputs and Outputs for Modal Control of Aeroelastic Systems.

  • Turgeman, Avraham (2021). Flocking and formation as mission control strategies for multi-agent systems : comparative evaluation and development of a cooperative approach. [Abstract] [doi]



  • Theis, Julian (2018). Robust and linear parameter-varying control of aeroservoelastic systems: Dissertation. [Abstract] [doi]

  • Wollnack, Simon (2018). Implicit representation-based fixed-structure control of LPV systems: Dissertation. [Abstract]


  • Heuer, Michael (2017). Identification and Control of the Laser-based Synchronization System for the European X-ray Free Electron Laser. [doi]


  • {Rosero García}, Esteban Emilio (2016). Cooperative Source Seeking and Level Curve Tracking for Multi-Agent Systems. [doi]

  • Al-Taie, Fatimah (2016). Complexity of Spatially Interconnected Systems. [doi]

  • Eichler, Annika (2016). Interconnected Systems - Analysis and Distributed Controller Synthesis.


  • Hoffmann, Christian (2015). Linear parameter-varying control of systems of high complexity. [Abstract] [doi]

  • Knoblach, Andreas (2015). Robust Performance Analysis for Gust Loads Computation.

  • Liu, Qin (2015). Modelling, Distributed Identification and Control of Spatially-Distributed Systems with Application to an Actuated Beam. [doi]


  • Kaiser, Gerd (2014). Linear Parameter-Varying Control for an Electric Vehicle. [doi]

  • Pfeiffer, Sven (2014). Symmetric Grey Box Identification and Distributed Beam-Based Controller Design for Free-Electron Lasers. [doi]


  • Ali, Ahsan (2013). Input-Output LPV Models: Closed-loop Identification and IQC based Controller Synthesis.

  • Pilz, Ulf (2013). Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems with Application to Quad-Rotor Helicopters.

  • Saupe, Florian (2013). Linear Parameter Varying Control Design for Industrial Manipulators.


  • Popov, Andrey (2012). Design of Distributed and Fixed-Structure Controllers for Cooperative Vehicle Control.


  • Ali, Mukhtar (2011). Identification and Control of Spatially Interconnected Systems.

  • Boonto, Sudchai (2011). Identification of Linear Parameter-Varying Input-Output Models.

  • Löhning, Matthias (2011). Robust Control of Elastic Robots.


  • Abbas, Hossam Seddik (2010). LPV Modeling, Identification and Low-Complexity Controller Synthesis.

  • Juma, Bader Wady (2010). A Practical Approach to Robust Sliding Mode Control.

  • Schmidt, Christian (2010). RF System Modeling and Controller Design for the European XFEL.


  • Faisal, Saadia (2008). Discrete-Time Modelling of Gene Networks by Zhegalkin Polynomials. [www]

  • Kwiatkowski, Andreas (2008). LPV Modeling and Application of LPV Controllers to SI Engines.


  • Durrant, Martyn Simon (2007). VSC-HVDC Power Transmission Control: A Case Study in Linear Controller Design for Nonlinear Plants.


  • Farag, Adel Omran (2005). A Practical Approach to Robust Control Using Linear Matrix Inequalities.

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