Torsional Plant

Brief Description: The torsional plant consists of 3 rotating disks connected in series through 2 torsional springs. A DC motor provides the torque input to the plant, while 3 encoders measure the angular position of each disk.

The torsional plant (ECP model 205) is a SIMO plant, where tipycally linear control strategies are implemented. In its many possible configurations, this system represents a broad and important class of practical plants including: rigid bodies, driveshafts, flexibility in drives, and coupled discrete vibrating systems.

Some of the involved tasks include:

  • System identification by estimating its physical parameters

  • Design of lead-lag compensators

  • Optimization of LQG controllers.

The construction of the plant provides the possibility to test the robustness of designed controller by changing its configurations.

The torsional plant is used in the practical course Control Lab.