NAO Robotic System

Brief Description: The NAO robotic system is a 25dof robot developed by Softbanks Robotics. It has two cameras. One in the forehead and one in the mouth. So the NAO is not able to use stereo vision but it can focus with one camera on objects far away and with the other one on objects next to him. Additionally it has a microphone, two speakers, a lot of touch buttons on the head and on the hands. For computation it has a 1.6 GHz Atom Processor with 1Gb RAM. The software is writen in C++ and runs on a linux operating system on the NAO.

This robot is used to investigate and apply control concepts for humanoid robots. Topics for investigation are

  • LPV-Control
  • Robust Control
  • System identification
  • Imitation and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms.

Related Student Projects:

  • Wege, Felix: "Development and Implementation of a Dynamic Kick for the NAO Robotic System", Bachelor Thesis 2016
  • Baatz, Jonas: "Evaluation der Ultraschallsensoren des NAO Robotiksystems und Implementierung einer Hinderniserkennung durch Filterung und Auswertung der Messdaten", Bachelor's Thesis 2016
  • Lüders, Nathapon Olaf: "Object Localisation on the NAO Robotic System Using a Deep Neural Network and an Image Contrast Based Approach", Master's Thesis 2016
  • Poppinga, Finn Ole: "Design und Implementierung eines Regelungsverfahrens zur Stabilisierung eines humanoiden Roboters bei verschiedenen Bewegungsabläufen auf Basis des NAO-Robotiksystems", Bachelor's Thesis 2015