Industrial Emulator

Brief Description: This plant has the capability to emulate industrial dynamical features which are typical and non-desired (e.g. changes in gear ratios, torque disturbances, friction, gear backlash etc.) in the implementation of control techniques.

The industrial emulator (ECP model 220) is a SISO/SIMO plant (depending on the adopted physical configuration). This system is able to introduce non-ideal properties which are common in modern industrial equipment and are challenging to overcome.

A linear controller is designed based on an ideal model and implemented on a non-ideal plant, which encompasses non-linearities and disturbances. A comparison is made to observer the losses in performance, and proper robust- or non-linear-based techniques are designed and implemented to recover the nominal performance.

Among the non-ideal properties, this plant can emulate:

  • Drive and load inertias
  • Gear ratio changes
  • Disturbance torques
  • Viscous or Coulomb Friction
  • Backlash
  • Drive Flexibility