DC Motor Suitcase

Brief Description: The DC Motor Suitcase is a portable experimental setup consisting of a DC motor driving a dial disk and an angular position sensor, which is used as an exemplary plant for design and test of control systems.

This experimental setup has been designed by the institute to provide a realistic application scenario, which can be used in control systems courses accompanying the teaching of theoretical concepts and backgrounds. By now a fleet of 62 such devices is available, most of which can be borrowed by students and used in connection with a university pool PC or private PC, even at home. This is permitted by its portable design and a software interface compatible with Matlab/Simulink.

Currently, these devices are mainly used for the course "Introduction to Control Systems" and are part of exercise classes. The goal is to experimentally illustrate the main concepts taught in the lectures and to support the students' understanding. Additionally, this setup is one of the plants considered and examined in the Proseminar "Feedback Control".