Analog Circuits

Brief Description: This experimental setup provides an easy-to-use framework to explore and demonstrate the behavior of basic analog circuit elements and is used for teaching fundamentals of electrical engineering.

The institute owns four such experimental setups, which mainly consist of a prepared junction board with power supply, a digital oscilloscope and a function generator. On the junction board basic circuit elements such as resistors, capacitors, coils or an operational amplifier can be plugged in to build up simple analog circuits. Using a built-in DC source and/or the function generator, the behavior of these circuits can be examined.

These setups are used in the practical courses "Electrical Engineering Experiments" in winter terms and "Basics of Electrical Engineering II" in summer terms. Learning goals are to get familiar with time and frequency domain behavior of basic circuit elements, the usage of an oscilloscope as one of the major tools in electrical engineering and the behavior of an operational amplifier as a typical example of active components. Furthermore, as an example of practical usage, an analog controller circuit is implemented on the board and operated with a test plant. For this purpose currently a device consisting of a blow-dryer and a movable plate, which is to be controlled to a certain deflection angle, is used.