Furugh Mirali

Research Assistant
Office:Building N, Room 1.037
Telephone:+49 40 42878 - 4277

Research Interest:

  • Multi-agent systems 
  • Cooperative and distributed control of interconnected systems
  • Control under communication constraints


Teaching Responsibilities:

Winter term 2018/2019          Advanced Topics in Control

Winter term 2017/2018          Advanced Topics in Control, Control Systems Theory and Design

Summer term 2017                Linear and Nonlinear System Identification

Winter term 2016/2017          Advanced Topics in Control, Control Systems Theory and Design

Summer term 2016                Linear and Nonlinear System Identification

Winter term 2015/2016          Advanced Topics in Control

Short CV

since 08/2015        Research Assistant, Institute of Control Systems, Hamburg University of Technology

07/2015                M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Hamburg University of Technology

Best Presentation in Session Award at the 2016 American Control Conference, Boston, MA


Supervised Student Projects:

  • Hespe, ChristianPrediction-Based Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems Subject to Communication Delays, Project Work 2019
  • Niemann, Jan-HendrikA Dynamic Memory Approach for Consensus Problems with Packet Loss, Master Thesis 2019
  • Delea, Cosmin: Design and Implementation of a Robust Controller for Autonomous Surface Vehicles, Master Thesis 2017
  • Klumbies, Martin: Average Consensus for Networks with Higher-Order Agents, Bachelor Thesis 2017
  • Borzek, Ole: Integral Quadratic Constraints for Analysing Time-Delayed Networks with Lattice Structures, Master Thesis 2017
  • Niemann, Jan-Hendrik: Convergence Speed of Distributed Average Consensus Algorithms, Bachelor Thesis 2016


Lead-authored Publications:

  • F. Mirali, H. Werner: "A dynamic quasi-Taylor approach to accelerate distributed consensus problems with packet loss," submitted, 2019
  • F. Mirali, H. Werner: "A Novel Sequence Weighting Method for First-Order Consensus Problems," 2018 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), pp. 97-102
  • F. Mirali, A. Mendez Gonzalez, H. Werner: "First-Order Average Consensus for Cooperative Control Problems Using Novel Weighting Strategies," 20th IFAC World Congress, pp. 14302 - 14307
  • F. Mirali, H. Werner: "Distributed Weighting Strategies for Improved Convergence Speed of First-Order Consensus," 2017 American Control Conference, pp. 942-947
  • F. Mirali, H. Werner: "Delay Robustness of Interconnected Systems: IQC-Based Analysis for Special Interconnection Structures," 2016 American Control Conference, pp. 5352 - 5357

Co-authored Publications:

  • A. Datar, D. Schneider, F. Mirali, H. Werner, H. Frey: "A Memory Weighted Protocol for Sampled-Data Systems Subjected to Packet Dropouts," 2018 American Control Conference, pp. 2485 - 2490
  • T. Gabler, M. Tunnat, S. Bartuszies, F. Mirali, C. Müller: "Automated Simulated Failure Analysis," 5th International Workshop on Aircraft System Technologies, AST 2015