Ongoing student projects

No ongoing Projects

Student projects based on theory/simulations

Koerkemeier, Leon(2022). Adaptive Controller and Observer Design for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles with Unknown Dynamics.
Ramcke, Marius(2021): Predictive Formation Control in Indoor Experiments with Multiple Quadrotors. Project Work.
Altalmas, Abdallah (2021): Attitude Stabilization of Quadrotors with quaternions within the LPV framework. Projecct Work.
Hespe, Christian (2020): Analysis of distributed control algorithms for general non-linear mobile agents. Master's Thesis.
Dio, Maximilian (2019): Investigations into the Control Architecture for Cooperative Control of Vehicles. Bachelor's Thesis.
Shalghar, Ajay (2018): Comparison of LPV controller synthesis with LPV tools and synthesis with full block scalings.
Häuslein, Julius (2018): Dynamic quantization for formation control of underwater robotic agents. Bachelor Thesis.
Jadhav, Shashank (2017): Convergence of consensus algorithms for multi-agent systems under communication constraints. Master's Thesis.
Naumann, Konrad (2017): Nonlinear control of a quadrotor for stabiliyation from arbitrary initial conditions. Master Thesis

Student projects based on data-driven control

Dio, Maximilian(2021): Offline and Active learning for Data-Driven control of Construction Machines using Gaussian Processes. Master's Thesis.
Ganz, Felix (2020): Applications of Koopman operators with LMI based control techniques: Case study on representative examples. Master Thesis.
Ganz, Felix (2019): Koopman Operator based control with LMI methods. Project Work.
Bakr, Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa (2018): Systematic procedure for Extended MIMO Data driven control and Implementation on Control Moment Gyroscope. Project Work.
Ghoorchian, Saeed (2017): Kernelized principal component analysis of a Linear Parameter Varying model of a Gyroscope. Master's Thesis.

Student projects based on experiments

{Esmaeilzadeh Fard}, Astiaj (2021): Design and Implementation of a Torque Vectoring Controller for an All-Wheel Drive Racing Car. Bachelor's Thesis.
Dio, Maximilian (2021): Cooperative Control of multiple quadrotors with Model Predictive Control in an indoor experimental setup. Project Work.
Kadaji, Keerthan (2020): Investigations into Bayesian estimation for position measurement of indoor quadrotor experiments. Project Work.
Salomon Sanchez, Rafael(2020): Development of a Model Predictive Controller for an Anutonomous Drone. Master Thesis (at IAV Automotive Engineering Inc.)
Paulsen, Peter(2019): Experimental Investigations into the effect of Communication Constraints on Performance of Cooperative Control Algorithms: Case Study with Quadrotors. Master's Thesis
Paulsen, Peter (2019): Development of a software framework for implementation of Co-operative control algorithms on a swarm of small quadrotors. Project Work.
Paulsen, Peter (2019): Literature review of Formation control and Flocking algorithms for cooperative control of mobile robots. Research Seminar.
Sivanand, Shankar (2019): An online optimization based torque vectoring control technique for an electric racing car. Project Work.
Strübing, Manuel (2019): An underwater test-bed setup for modeling acoustic communications in underwater test-bed setup for modeling acoustic communications in formation control of underwater robots. Bachelor Thesis.
Salomon, Rafael (2018): Control of small quadrotor with LQ(Linear Quadratic) Techniques using ROS nodes within Simulink. Project Work.
Ongrungroj, Pongpol (2018) : Attitude control of a small quadrotor with Quaternions. Project Work.
Kothakapu, Raja Vardhan Reddy (2018): Hinf Controller Design for Position and Attitude Control of a small quadrotor. Project work.
Schradick, Dennis (2018): Real-time calibration for localization of UAVs using ultra wide band sensors. (External) Master Thesis.
Hastedt, Philipp (2017): System Identication of a Quadrotor using Indoor Positioning System. Bachelor thesis.
Woidelko, Mirco Fabian (2017): Localization of a Quad-roter Helicopter using Indoor Positioning, Optical Flow Sensor and IMU Data. Bachelor Thesis
Attar, Abdul Nasser (2017): Identication of a Linear Parameter Varying Dynamic Model of an electric sports car.. Master's Thesis.