Adwait Datar   



Research Assistant

Office:Building N, Room 1039
Telephone:+49 40 42878-3407

 Research interest:

Distributed and scalable cooperative control of Multi-Agent systems

Stability Analysis with Integral Quadratic Constraints 

Data-driven Techniques in Control

Short CV

11/2016–presentResearch assistant at the Institute of Control Systems, Hamburg University of Tech.
09/2014-10/2016M.Sc. in Mathematical modeling in Engineering (
07/2012–08/2014Research Engineer, Mercedes Benz R&D, India / Diamler RD, Stuttgart 
06/2012B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Pune,India


Publications on Network systems:

  1. Datar, Adwait and Schneider, Daniel and Mirali, Furugh and Werner, Herbert and Frey, Hannes (2018): A Memory Weighted Protocol for Sampled-Data Systems Subjected to Packet Dropouts. In 2018 Annual American Control Conference (ACC) 2485--2490. [doi] [BibTex]
  2. Jadhav, Shashank and Datar, Adwait and Werner, Herbert (2018): Distributed Approach to Dynamic Quantization for Multi-Agent Systems. In 2018 Annual American Control Conference (ACC) 2473--2478. [doi] [BibTex]
  3. Turgeman, Avi and Datar, Adwait and Werner, Herbert (2019): Gradient Free Source-Seeking Using Flocking Behavior. In 2019 Annual American Control Conference (ACC) [Abstract[BibTex]
  4. Attallah, Aly and Datar, Adwait and Werner, Herbert (2020): Flocking of Linear Parameter Varying Agents: Source Seeking Application with Underwater Vehicles. In 21st IFAC World Congress [BibTex]
  5. Datar, Adwait, Paulsen, Peter and Werner, Herbert (2020): Flocking Towards the Source: Indoor Experiments with Quadrotors. In 2020 European Control Conference (ECC) (pp. 1638-1643). IEEE.
  6. Hespe, Christian and Datar Adwait and Werner Herbert (2020): Distributed Control of Mobile LTI and LPV Agents Using Induced L2 to L∞ Norms (to be presented at CDC2020)
  7. Datar, Adwait and Werner, Herbert (2020). Scalable Cooperative Control of Vehicles with Positive Systems Theory and Generalized H2  Norm. (to be submitted)

Publications on Data driven control:

  1. Datar, Adwait and Schulz, Erik and Werner, Herbert (2018): Identification of Linear Parameter-Varying Models with Unknown Parameter Dependence Using Support Vector Regression. In 2018 Annual American Control Conference (ACC) 2011--2016. [doi] [BibTex]
  2. Bakr, Mohamed and Datar, Adwait and Gonzalez, Antonio Mendez and Werner, Herbert (2018): Data-Driven Control for a Class of Non-Linear MIMO Systems. In 57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control [BibTex]
  3. Cisneros, Pablo S. G. and Datar, Adwait and Göttsch, Patrick and Werner, Herbert (2020): Data-driven quasi-LPV Model Predictive Control using Koopman Operator Techniques. In 21st IFAC World Congress [BibTex]

Publications on miscellaneous topics:

  1. Datar, A.V., Fyta, M., Marconi, U.M.B. and Melchionna, S., 2017. Electrokinetic Lattice Boltzmann solver coupled to Molecular Dynamics: application to polymer translocation. Langmuir, 33(42), pp.11635-11645.

Teaching Responsibilities:

Summer term 2020                Optimal and Robust Control        

Summer term 2019                Linear and Nonlinear System Identification

Summer term 2019                Optimal and Robust Control

Winter term 2018/2019          Control Systems Theory and Design

Summer term 2018                Linear and Nonlinear System Identification

Summer term 2018                Optimal and Robust Control


Experimental work on Quadrotors:

  1. Source-seeking experiments

Teaching Material:

  1. Tutorial on Integral Quadratic Constraints
  2. Material for exercise classes on Optimal and Robust Control (ORC)
  3. Exercise classes (videos): Optimal and Robust Control SoSe2020 

Ongoing and past student projects