Open Source Software for Medical Imaging

Medical imaging requires an enormous amount of expert knowledge in signal processing, image reconstruction and image processing. At our institute we develop imaging algorithms using the open source scientific programming language Julia and make them available via the collaborative version control platform GitHub under the MIT license. This enables the documentation of scientific methodology and ensures the reproducibility of our own research contributions. Furthermore, even scientists with only rudimentary knowledge of medical imaging are enabled to use state-of-the-art image reconstruction methods. We are happy about any feedback / suggestions that can be send by email to us. Improvements and amendments can be also directly made on Github.

All MPI imaging projects are collected in the organization Here our main contributions are:

The institute's contributions to MRI are collected in the organization Here our main contributions are:

Projects, which cannot be assigned clearly to an imaging method, are maintained under the account of Tobias Knopp. Here our main contributions are:


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