Open MPI Data

The goal of the OpenMPIData initiative is the provision of MPI measurement data to those interested in MPI research. Initially, the project only contained the first few datasets covering the most interesting cases to get started with MPI. More recently, we started to make the measurement data of of our most recent publications available to the public. We are proud that the OpenMPIData has already been noticed by various research groups, e.g. to develop and evaluate new reconstruction algorithms.

We invite those with MPI hardware to share their data and those interested in MPI research to contribute by using this data to perform research. The project is hosted on Github and has a detailed description available here. To contribute simply open an issue on the projects Github page.

All data is stored in the MPI Data Format (MDF), which provides a common data format for the storage of MPI raw data, calibration data, and reconstruction data and is made available under a Creative Commons license CC-BY-4.0.


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