Dr. Kai Oliver Thiele

  • Doctoral Researcher (2013 - 2017)



German Institute for Japanese Studies: DIJ, Tokyo, Japan, Visiting Doctoral Researcher


Research Institute of Economics and Business Administration, Kobe University, Japan, Visiting Doctoral Researcher

2013 - 2017

Hamburg University of Technology, Doctoral Researcher (PhD)

2010 - 2011

University of Kansas, USA, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

2009 - 2013

University of Hamburg, Germany, M.Sc. Business Mathematics

2006 - 2009

University of Hamburg, Germany, B.Sc. Business Mathematics

Fields of Research

  • Cross-Border M&A research, especially with regard to employee identification during mergers
  • Analysis, development and improvement of PLS path modeling methods

Publications & Working Papers

Thiele, K. O. (2018). The Views of Japanese Employees on Cross-Border M&As. Wiesbaden: Springer. ISBN: 978-3-658-22524-7. [Link]

Bebenroth, R., & Thiele, K. O. (2016). When Organizational Justice Matters for Affective Merger Commitment. Thunderbird International Business Review. [Link]

Sarstedt, M., Hair, J. F., Ringle, C. M., Thiele, K. O., & Gudergan, S. (2016). Estimation issues with PLS and CBSEM: Where the bias lies!. Journal of Business Research, 69(10), 3998-4010. [Link]

Bebenroth, R., & Thiele, K. (2015). Identification to oneself and to the others: Employees' perceptions after a merger (No. 106/2015). Duisburger Arbeitspapiere Ostasienwissenschaften. [Link]

Presentations & Seminars

Thiele, K. (2015). When Organizational Justice Matters for Affective Merger Commitment. 2016 Management Theory and Practice Conference, University of Kyoto, Kyoto (Japan).

Thiele, K. (2015). PLS-SEM: A useful tool in social science research, The Japanese Association of Administrative Science, Osaka (Japan).

Thiele, K. (2015). An introductory course on PLS-SEM, Kobe University, Kobe (Japan).

Thiele, K. (2015). The Employees' View on Cross-Border M&As in Japan: What do Employees Need to Speak in Favor of an Acquisition?, Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien (DIJ), Tokyo (Japan).

Bebenroth, R. & Thiele, K. (2015). M&A Workshop 2015 "How to Conduct a Successful Post Merger Integration?", Kobe University, Kobe (Japan). [Link]

Thiele, K., Sarstedt, M. & Ringle, C. M. (2015). A Comparative Evaluation of New and Established Methods for Structural Equation Modeling, Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, Denver (USA). [Link]

Thiele, K. (2015). Recent methodological advances on the application of partial least squares structural equation modeling in marketing research, University of Colorado Denver, Denver (USA).

Thiele, K. (2015). Great success or devastating failure – how the employees’ view determines the outcome of inbound M&As in Japan -, Hosei University, Tokyo (Japan).

Thiele, K. (2013). PLS-SEM Method and its Application, Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan).

Thiele, K. (2013). PLS Partial Least Squares Method, TUHH TokyoTech Research Forum, Tokyo (Japan). [Link]

Thiele, K. (2013). PLS Path Modeling and its Application in Consumer Research, KEIO & JACS Global Marketing Seminar, Tokyo (Japan). [Link]