The seminar “CERMEDES AG” is an innovative lecture, which combines a theoretical education in business management with challenges from corporate practice. While working with an ERP system (SAP) and a model company (CERMEDES AG, a bike manufacturer) students of the degree courses Logistics and Mobility (Bachelor) and Mechanical Engineering and Management (Master) gain an in-depth understanding of complex and cross-functional business contexts. Furthermore, the students become very familiar with the structure and functionality of the standard business software SAP as a tool for information processing. Finally, competences for the successful implementation of IT projects are acquired and general project management skills as well as the ability to work in a team are fostered.

Project Management

The implementation of SAP at the CERMEDES AG is supported by a project management, which uses the project management module of SAP. Within the scope of the seminar the participants undertake the classic tasks of a project manager – from planning and preparation, to realization, and all the way to monitoring the project. Instruments of project management, like work breakdown structures, milestone trend analyses or networks, should not just be learnt theoretically, but also be critically questioned and practically applied.


Together with production and sales and distribution, purchasing forms the basis of the value-adding chain of the CERMEDES AG. The seminar participants, who are responsible for purchasing, supply the company's production with the necessary raw materials.

Apart from the development of a concept to build up the purchasing of the CERMEDES AG optimally, the students should develop a functioning procurement management and implement it with the materials management component of the SAP/ERP system.

The participants select suppliers, prepare and check orders, and monitor the inventory stocks of the model company. Teamwork is not just important to create the requirements planning, that needs to take a large number of different products and raw materials into account.


With this component of the SAP system numerous exciting tasks in the area of production planning and shop floor control (e.g. a series production) can be implemented. The objective of the production of the CERMEDES AG is the most effective and cost-efficiency production of touring bikes and off-road racing bikes with the highest level of quality.

With this module the seminar participants learn in practical application how a concept of production planning, that was previously compiled, can be implemented into the company software. In this process, the students do not work isolated from the other participants – a good communication with the other teams is indispensable to realize a functioning production sequence in the CERMEDES AG.

Sales & Distribution

Sales and distribution not only processes and plans customer orders and the delivery of the products, but is also responsible for the marketing strategy and the organization of the four Ps (product, price, promotion, and placement) of the CERMEDES AG.

Thereby, the objective of the seminar is to develop an ideal distribution system for the model company and to implement this into the software. Among other things, sales analyses and sales forecasts are performed, customer orders are processed by seminar participants and pricing as well as discount systems are stored in the ERP system.

Certainly the external presentation of the CERMEDES AG is also an area of responsibility of the sales and distribution team.

Financial Accounting

The documentation of the total value of the business transactions is the responsibility of the financial accounting. Apart from a sensibly structure of the individual components of the financial accounting (from the choice of framework standard chart of accounts, to posting logics, up to managing vendor, customer and fixed asset accounts), the team is also responsible for the preparation of the financial statements of the CERMEDES AG.

The financial accounting faces the challenge of a series of interfaces to the other subjects – since the business transactions in purchasing and distribution as well as the production processes should be found in the profit and loss accounts or rather in the balance sheet of the CERMEDES AG. The seminar participants gather practical knowledge in accounting and gain deep insights into the company’s value flows.