Information for Companies

The Institute of Human Resource Management and Organization at the Hamburg University of Technology cooperates intensively with firms. We offer solutions to practical problems in all management areas. Past cooperation covered various projects related to our major research areas, Organizational Change, Human Resource, and Strategic Management, as well as Marketing, which comprised developing and realizing empirical analyses well-suited to specific problems.

Briefly, examples of the work we have undertaken include:  

  • strategy analysis of the European-wide financial institutes in the cooperative sector,
  • an employee satisfaction survey for a large luxury goods manufacturer,
  • customer satisfaction driver analysis for airlines,
  • identifying and evaluating the success factors of a leading catalog firm and a major online selling platform’s online businesses,
  • market potential analysis for a new male skin care product line for a big player in the hygiene and beauty sector, and
  • forecasting and assessing a large retailer’s online selling potential.

In addition to these consulting projects, we offer

  • Training and workshops (e.g., human resource development, quantitative market research methods), and
  • Cooperation with firms in Master thesis projects (i.e. the development of a thorough theoretical concept and its practical implementation in order to solve problems in practice.)

The latter aspect is particularly relevant to establish long-term and productive partnerships with corporate partners. In turn, these partners help accelerate the transfer of knowledge from TUHH to business practice, and enable TUHH to gain a better understanding of business practitioners’ needs. 

Finally, strong interaction between firms and the HRMO Institute are essential for testing research results’ practical relevance, and for identifying promising avenues for future research.