Information on Covid-19 and the upcoming summer term 2020

Due to the current circumstances, we decided to inform you about the developments concerning our institute on this webpage:

  • Semester begin is postponed to Mo., 20.04.2020, as well as semester end is now Tue., 28.07.2020.
  • Exams will start on Wed., 29.07.2020., and end on Fr., 09.10.2020.
  • The deadline for handing in bachelor and master theses has also been postponed to Mo., 25.05.2020. If you want to hand in before this date, please send your hard copy by mail.
  • We do not provide any appointments in person for the time being. Please feel free to contact us via email to make a Zoom appointment by mutual arrangement.
  • For course related questions, please use the discussion section for the specific course on STUD.IP to post your question.
  • For phone calls, during our working hours, please be patient and let the phone ring a while.



1. Will you provide the courses in summer term 2020 as intended?

Yes, we will provide all our courses 100% online for TUHH as well as exchange students as intended.

2. I had to leave Germany to return to my home country, already. How do I receive information on course-specific developments?

When you have not received access to STUD.IP, yet, we will keep you informed via email. Please make sure to let us know, once you have received your STUD.IP account, so we can add you to the specific groups.

3. Will I be able to take part in the whole project management module via elearning?

Since the module is hosted by three different institutes, each institute will agree on a solution for their own course.

So far, we can say that we will provide the seminar "Selected Topics and Advanced Business Cases in Project Management" 100% online.

Also for the course on "Strategies and Methods of Negotiating" digital solutions are being developed. For further information, please contact the institute of Prof. Lüthje.

For the course on "Project Management Methods", please contact the institute of Prof. Jahn.

4. Do you still accept applications for master, bachelor, and project theses?

Yes, we do. Please follow the regular procedure as indicated here.

5. Am I still required to hand in a hard copy of my thesis?

Yes, you are. Please send two hard copies of your bachelor/master thesis, as per ASPO §21(6) by mail to the examination office and one hard copy of your project thesis to our institute.

The campus shop is still open, you can print and bind your theses there. It is still a requirement to submit a glue-bound version, a loose-bound version will not be accepted.

6. What submission date do I have to set on my thesis when I have to send it by mail now.

As submission date counts the date at which the hardcopy reaches TUHH, not the post stamp of the sending date. On the thesis' cover page, please put the same date for submission as the one when you sign the authorship.


We will keep you updated regarding our institute and our courses either here or on STUD.IP.

General information on Covid-19, provided by the TUHH, you can find here.