Offerings for Supervisors and Coordinators

For applications and implementation of coordinated programs to promote young scientists, external funders such as the DFG and the BMBF increasingly require PhD candidates not only to have enjoyed a first-rate education in their subject but also to have been given an opportunity to attend generic courses to learn career-relevant skills and thereby to develop into fully-fledged scientists at the highest international level. Learning so-called transferable skills is coming to be seen as increasingly important in the training of young scientists.

The Graduate Academy for Technology and Innovation can advise you on applying for postgraduate programs and other programs to promote young scientists in respect of acquiring generic skills and on equal opportunities issues or targeted measures to promote young scientists. It also offers assistance with holding, organizing, and implementing events of this kind.

The Graduate Academy welcomes your inquiries at graduiertenakademie(at)tuhh(dot)de


Forms and leaflets on DFG promotion of young researchers are here:


Merkblatt (internationale) Graduiertenkollegs

Leitfaden für Antragsskizzen (internationale) Graduiertenkollegs

Leitfaden für Antragstellung (internationale) Graduiertenkollegs

Leitfaden für Antragstellung Vernetzungstreffen thematisch verwandter Graduiertenkollegs

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