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Center for Biomechanics

After years of difficult negotiations, the Center for Biomechanics was founded in the beginning of 1989 by the signing of a cooperative agreement. Parties to the agreement were the Technical University and University of Hamburg. Dr. K. Rall was elected the first head of the center. The Center of Biomechanics is a roof organization which is supported by the department of biomechanics, the production technology departments of the TUHH, a workgroup at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf and the orthpaedic and accident surgery departments of Hamburg's hospitals. - It serves for the interdisciplinary, biomechanical cooperation and does basic and applied, mainly patient-oriented research in the field of the biomechanic of the human support- and motion apparatus.

At the TUHH, research projects are mainly concerned with the engineering aspects of biomechnics, such as:

  • manufacturing of prostheses and implants,

  • computer-aided planning of operations

  • materials for "human spare parts"

  • usage of image processing

  • kinetics und kinematics of the human support

  • and motion apparatus,

while the hospitals put their emphasis on medical subjects including animal testing.