Forschungsbericht 2007

Morphodynamic of Catchments: Process analysis and improved mathematical modelling

Institut: Wasserbau
Projektleitung: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erik Pasche
Stellvertretende Projektleitung: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erik Pasche
Mitarbeiter/innen: M. Sc. Karolina Villagra-Mendoza
Projektnummer: 3-11.047
Laufzeit: 01.12.2006 - 01.11.2009
Finanzierung: BMBF


Modeling the erosion process in KalypsoNA, by integrating a new erosion module. Monitoring the necessary parameters in a plot field and also doing experimental tests in a hillslope in the laboratory.

In year 2006:

- Literature review on erosion concepts, mathematical models and state of the art achievements.

- Study of the infiltration dynamics at lab scale were carried out enhancing the infiltration computation in KalypsoNA by incorporating the effect of micro and macropores. This is an important element when studying erosion due to the impact on the runoff to transport sediments.

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