Aircraft Cabin Systems

(lecture and exercise)


The lecture and the related exercise aim at the goal to have insight and to develop skills in the aircraft cabin field. A basic understanding of cabin systems, operations flow and technology for creating an artificial but comfortable and safe biosphere and working environment at cruising altitude is to be achieved.

The lecture communicates a comprehensive overview of modern cabin technologies and cabin systems in advanced passenger aircrafts. Diverse aspects of the aircraft cabin, their systems and their operations will be taught.

  • introduction and motivation
    - classification of the topics
    - business models and cabin-layout
    - design considerations and technical factors
  • materials used in the cabin
    - scope of materials
    - application range
    - fire, smoke and toxicity standards
  • ergonomics and human factors
    - classification of the topic
    - the human-centered cabin
    - elementary physical needs
    - stressors in the cabin
    - passengers and cabin crew
  • cabin interior and non-electrical systems
    - oxygen
    - fire protection
    - water/waste
    - air conditioning
    - equipment/furnishings, cargo compartments
  • cabin electrical systems and lights
    - generation, distribution and management of electrical energy
    - formation of light
    - aircraft lighting
  • cabin electronics, communication-, information- and IFE-systems
    - avionics general
    - data bus systems
    - cabin systems, onboard maintenance system, communication & information
  • cabin and passenger process chains
    - Preflight Procedures
    - Standard Operating Procedures
    - Abnormal / Emergency Procedures
    - Ticketing, Passenger ID
    - automated boarding