Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Rung

Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Ship Theory (M8)
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 4 (C)
D-21073 Hamburg
Room C5.013                       

Phone: +49 40 42878 6054
Fax:     +49 40 42878 6055

E-mail: thomas.rung(at)


Schooling in Bonn, Germany.

Dipl. Ing., Aeronautical Engineering, TU Berlin.

Dr.-Ing., Mechanical Engineering, TU Berlin.

1993 - 1994
Research Engineer, Thermofluids Section, Univ. of Manchester
Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST).

1995 - 2000  
Research Engineer, Hermann-Föttinger-Institut, TU Berlin.

2001 - 2005
Supervisor Aerodynamics and Thermodynamics, global Center-of-Competence,
Bombardier Transportation, Hennigsdorf, Germany.

2005 - 
Hamburg Univ. of Technology, Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Major Areas of Interest & Expertise

Fluid Dynamics; Simulation of complex engineering flows; Turbulence and its modelling; Eulerian and Lagrangian two-phase flow modelling; Industrial thermofluiddynamics; Ship hydrodynamics; Vehicle aerodynamics; Aerocoustics.