The telephone number of the department is
+49 40 42878-xxxx.

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Head of Department
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud -6053 Head of Department m.abdel-maksoud C5.009
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Rung -6054 Prof. of Fluid Dynamics thomas.rung C5.013
Dr.-Ing. Volker Müller -6051 Senior Researcher v-mueller C5.010
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Söding (emerit.) Ship Theory h.soeding
Mrs. Kerstin Walter -6052 Secretary C5.011
Scientific Staff
M.Sc. Rupert Angerbauer -6005 Comp. Fluid Dynamics rupert.angerbauer C5.020
Dr. Amir Banari -6060 Comp. Fluid Dynamics amir.banari C5.021
M.Sc. Ole Detlefsen -4660 Seakeeping ole.detlefsen C5.022
M.Sc. Dag Feder -4791 Comp. Fluid Dynamics dag.feder C5.019
Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Ferreira González -6028 Ocean Engineering daniel.ferreira C5.001
M.Sc. Martin Gehrke -6058 Comp. Fluid Dynamics martin.gehrke C5.014
M.Sc. Ulf Göttsche -6043 Ship Propulsion ulf.goettsche C5.001
Roland Gosda, M.Sc. -2652 Cavitation Modelling roland.gosda C5.017
M.Sc. Michael Huisman -6119 Comp. Fluid Dynamics michael.huisman C5.005
Dr.-Ing. Christian F. Janßen -6040 Comp. Fluid Dynamics christian.janssen C5.006
Sonja Kraus, M.Sc. -6003 Comp. Fluid Dynamics sonja.kraus C5.017
M.Sc Niklas Kühl -6008 CFD Based Shape Optimisation niklas.kuehl C5.003
M.Sc. Tobias Lampe -6023 Fluid Structure Interaction tobias.lampe C5.005
M.Sc. Marzia Leonardi -6041 Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics marzia.leonardi C5.002
M.Sc. Patrick Marleaux -6002 Hydrodynamics of High-Speed Crafts patrick.marleaux C5.018
M.Sc. Philip Meier -6024 Comp. Fluid Dynamics philip.meier C5.020
M.Sc. Dennis Mierke -4849 Comp. Fluid Dynamics dennis.mierke C5.014
Dipl.-Ing. Torben Mühlbach -6039 Comp. Fluid Dynamics torben.muehlbach C5.003
M.Sc. Jan Clemens Neitzel-Petersen -4338 Ship Propulsion jan.neitzel C5.023
Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Netzband -4721 Offshore Wind Turbines stefan.netzband C5.025
M.Sc. Gerrit Olbert -6062 Marine Renewable Energy gerrit.olbert C5.027
Dipl.-Ing. Markus Pergande -4717 Ship Propulsion markus.pergande C5.023
M.Sc. Robinson Peric -6031 Comp. Fluid Dynamics robinson.peric C5.004
Lucian Rotter, M.Sc. -6045 CFD, Shape Optimization lucian.rotter C5.021
M.Sc. MBA Ahmed Sahab -6026 Experimental Fluid Dynamics ahmed.sahab C5.016
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Scharf -4719 Ocean Engineering martin.scharf C5.023
M.Sc. Christian Schulz -4792 (Floating) Offshore Wind Turbine Aerodynamics christian.schulz C5.019
Dipl.-Ing. Hendrik Simonis -6147 Hydrodynamics of High-Speed Craft hendrik.simonis C5.018
M.Sc. Patrick Sumislawski -6146 Seakeeping patrick.sumislawski C5.026
M.Sc. Micha Überrück -6025 Comp. Fluid Dynamics micha.ueberrueck C5.017
Dipl.-Ing. Keqi Wang -6050 Comp. Fluid Dynamics C5.027
Dr. Eng. Youjiang Wang -6029 Vortex Particle Method C5.026
Dipl.-Ing. Wibke Wriggers -6044 Comp. Fluid Dynamics wibke.wriggers C5.002
M. Sc. Chen Zeng -2921 Marine Current Turbines chen.zeng C5.019
Technical Staff
Dipl.-Phys. Uwe Gietz+49 40 729 650 62Experimental Facilities uwe.gietz C5.027
Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Strey-6032Data processing o.strey C5.027
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Voigt-6063Experimental Facilities voigt C5.015
Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Wieczorek-6030Experimental Facilities k.wieczorek C5.016
Former Staff
Dr.-Ing. Israa Alesbe Offshore Wind Turbines
Dr.-Ing. Stephan Berger Ship Propulsion ORCID iD
M.Sc. Bahaddin Cankurt Cavitation Modeling cankurt
Dr.-Ing. Markus Druckenbrod Ship Propulsion markus.druckenbrod
M.Sc. Jannis Espelage Seakeeping jannis.espelage
Dr.-Ing. Christian Frühling (geb.Ulrich) Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics christian.ulrich
Dr.-Ing. Maria Gaschler (geb. Bauer)
Cavitation modelling m.bauer
Dr.-Ing. Anne Gerdes (geb. Lincke) CFD Based Shape Optimisation anne.gerdes
Dr.-Ing. Martin Greve Ship Propulsion martin.greve
Dipl.-Ing. Willem Gropengießer Ditching of Aircraft gropengiesser Danny Hinz Ship Maneuvering hinz
Hans-Otto Krause Experimental Facilities hans-otto.krause
Dr.-Ing. Jörn Kröger CFD Based Shape Optimisation joern.kroeger
Dipl.-Ing Matthias Lemmerhirt Propulsion in Seaways matthias.lemmerhirt
M.Sc. Svenja Loebus Boat Landing Operations svenja.loebus
Dipl.-Technomath. Xiaojing Luo-Theilen Comp. Fluid Dynamics xiaojing.luo
Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Manzke Comp. Fluid Dynamics manuel.manzke
M.Sc. Mehrdad Javanian CFD Based Shape and Topology Optimisation mehrdad.javanian
Dipl.-Ing. Thierry Maquil Comp. / Exp. Fluid Dynamics thierry.maquil
M.Sc. Farhan Matin Comp. Fluid Dynamics farhan.matin
Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Schiller Cavitation Modelling patrick.schiller
Dr.-Ing. Jochen Schoop-Zipfel Ship Maneuvering jochen.schoop
Dipl.-Ing. Eberhard Schuckert Wind Tunnel schuckert
M.Sc. Svenja Schubert Comp. Fluid Dynamics svenja.schubert
Dr.-Ing. Jan Philip Soproni High-Speed Marine Vehicles jan.soproni
Dipl.-Ing. Lasse Theilen Seakeeping lasse.theilen
Dr.-Ing. Sven Wassermann Seakeeping sven.wassermann
Dr. Sergey Yakubov Cavitation Modeling sergey.yakubov