LiquefAction - Cargo Liquefaction in Ship Design and Operation

The project LiquefAction addresses the development of a numerical model for the motion of granular cargo on bulk carriers. Emphasis is put to the treatment of liquefied cargo. Liquefied cargo is not well understood and represents a major danger for the stability of vessels. With the help of a numerical model the vessel behaviour in seaway with liquefied cargo is analysed. Operational and constructive measures will be derived from these results. Furthermore, the cause and effect chain of cargo liquefaction and the stability loss will be investigated by numerical simulations.

Figure 1: Liquefied nickel ore (left). Capsize of the TransSummer in 2013 (right).

 Figure 2: Hold geometry (left). Bulk carrier in regular seaway (right).




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Rung
Dipl.-Ing. Wibke Wriggers




Ecole Centrales de Nantes

Associate Partners


Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development

Oldendorff Carriers


up-to-date: 2015-04-22

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