Current Projects

Hydrodynamics and Ship Theory

Influence of Water Depth on Ship Maneuvering Behavior


OptiGleit - Optimisation of planing hulls

Modeling of propeller flows in harbor

Simulation of Manoeuvring Motion in Regular Waves

OptiStopp - Optimisation of the Stop-Maneuver of Ships with Diesel-Electric Propulsion and CPPs

HyMOTT-MOTiON - Hydrodynamic Optimization of Manoeuvring of Offshore Transport and Transfer Systems

HiOcav - Interaction of Sheet and Tip Vortex Cavitation

Minimizing undesired wave reflections in flow simulations

Aerospace Engineering 

Ditching of Aircraft

SARAH  / increased Safety And Robust certification for ditching of Aircrafts and Helicopters

TransMan - Transition Manipiulation

Computational Fluid Dynamics

DROPPS - Drag Optimisation of Ship Shapes

DynAForm - Dynamische Adjungierte Formoptimierung

Consistent kernel-based approximations for variable particle resolution simulations

elbe / an Efficient Lattice Boltzmann Environment

Panel Method panMARE

Entwicklung einer numerischen Methode zur Vorhersage der hydroakustischen Schallabstrahlung von Propellern und Schiffen

Hydroelastic simulation of the acoustic behaviour of ship-propeller configurations with and without cavitation

Maritime and Ocean Engineering

Maritime Safety Aspects Regarding Installation and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbines

LiquefAction - Cargo Liquefaction in Ship Design and Operation

PrICE - Prediction of Ship-Ice Interaction

ProEis - Modeling the Flow around Ships in ice-covered areas

VAMOS - Validation, Measurement and Optimization of Floating Wind Energy