Experimental Facilities

The institute operates two test facilities, a large low-speed wind tunnel and a towing tank.


TV-Show in the TUHH wind tunnel
(SAT1, 28. Sept. 2010 - How much wind can humans sustain?)

J. B. Kerner im Windkanal der TUHH zum Thema "Wieviel Wind hält der Mensch aus?" (AVI, 30 MB)

Computing Facilities

Next to the available centralised high-performance computing facilities - which involve up to approx. 10.000 compute cores - the team operates an inhouse compute system with about 600 cores and several TB core memory supplemented by some twenty multi-core workstations suited for processing of  heavy data sets.

Moreover, the CFD team is part of NVIDIA's Academic Partnership Programm which focuses on Fast Efficient Numerical Simulations of Violant Free-Surface Flows using CUDA on Multi-GPU Systems based upon Tesla C2075 GPUs generously supported by NVIDIA.

Various commercial and inhouse software packages for pre- / post- processing and simulation are available.