Ship Vibrations


Wolfgang Fricke, Moustafa Abdel Maksoud

Course Format:

2 Hours Lecture


Summer Semester




Mechanis I - III
Structural Analysis of Ships I
Fundamentals of Ship Structural Design


1. Introduction; assessment of vibrations
2. Basic equations
3. Beams with discrete / distributed masses
4. Complex beam systems
5. Vibration of plates and Grillages
6. Deformation method / practical hints / measurements
7. Hydrodynamic masses
8. Spectral method
9. Hydrodynamic masses acc. to Lewis
10. Damping
11. Shaft systems
12. Propeller excitation
13. Engines


Knowledge: Acceptance criteria for vibrations on ships; methods for the calculation of natural frequencies and forced vibrations of sructural components and the entire hull girder; effect of exciting forces of the propeller and main engine and methods for their determination

Skills: Acquaintance with methods for the calculation of natural frequencies and exciting forces and resulting vibrations of ship structures including their assessment; modelling of structures for the vibration analysis

Competences: Ability to detect vibration-prone components on ships, to model the structure, to select suitable calculation methods and to assess the results

Reading Resources:

Lecture notes

Performance Record:

Home exercises, written exam

Media Types:

lecture notes, overhead slides, blackboard

ECTS Credit Points:



120 hours total

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