Ship Dynamics


Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud

Course Format:

2 Hours Lecture, 2 Hours Exercise


Summer Semester

Recommended Previous Knowledge: 

Fluid dynamics for Naval Architects


  1. Equation of motion
  2. Manoeuvring forces and moments
  3. Hydrodynamic derivatives
  4. Analyse of course stability
  5. Analyse of turn ability
  6. Non-linear equation of motion
  7. Model tests
  8. Acceleration, stop and back manoeuvres
  9. Design of rudders
  10. Harmonic long crested waves
  11. Heave motion of a buoy in regular waves
  12. Motions of a rigid ship hull in regular waves
  13. Flow forces on ship cross sections
  14. Strip method
  15. Natural ocean waves
  16. Behaviour of ships in waves
  17. Model tests

Learning Outcomes:

Provide information on fundamentals of linear and non-linear ship motion in calm water and in waves. Ability to develop and apply simple methods for analysis of manoeuvring behaviour of ships. Establish a background of applied methods for description of natural ocean waves and calculation of forces and moments on ship due to sea loads and the resultant ship motion.

Reading Resources: 

  • Crane, C. L. H., Eda, A. L., Principles of Naval Architecture, Chapter 9, Controllability, SNAME, New York, 1989. 
  • Brix, J., Manoeuvring Technical Manual, Seehafen Verlag GmbH, Hamburg 1993 
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  • Schneekluth, H., Hydromechanik zum Schiffsentwurf, Koehler Verlag, 1988 Lloyed, A., Ship Behaviour in Rough Weather, Gosport, Chichester, Sussex, United Kingdom, 1998.

Performance Record:

written exam

ECTS Credit Points:



150 hours total

Further Information:

Course description



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