Manoeuvrability of Ships


Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud

Course Format:

2 hours Lecture


Winter Semester

Recommended Previous Knowledge:

B.Sc. Schiffbau


- coordinates & degrees of freedom
- governing equations of motion
- hydrodynamic forces & moments
- ruder forces
- navigation based on linearised eq.of motion(exemplary solutions, yaw stability)
- manoeuvering test (constraint & unconstraint motion)
- slender body approximation

Learning Outcomes:

Introduction into basic concepts for the assessment and prognosis ship manoeuvrabilit

Ability to develop methods for analysis of manoeuvring behaviour of ships.

Reading Resources:

Crane, C. L. H., Eda, A. L., Principles of Naval Architecture, Chapter 9, Controllability, SNAME, New York, 1989 Brix, J., Manoeuvring Technical Manual, Seehafen Verlag GmbH, Hamburg 1993 Söding, H., Manövrieren , Vorlesungsmanuskript, Institut für Fluiddynamik und Schiffstheorie, TUHH, Hamburg, 1995

Performance Record:

oral exam

ECTS Credit Points:



90 hours total

Further Information:

Course description