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Title: Blended Learning and Problem Based Learning in a multinational and multidisciplinary setting 6th International Research Symposium on PBL
Written by: Jens Myrup Pedersen and Jos{\'e} Lazaro and Lea Mank and Vanessa Eichhorn
in: jun 2017
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Editor: Guerra, Aida; Rodriguez, Fernando Jos{\'e}; Kolmos, Anette; Reyes, Ismael Pena
Publisher: Aalborg Universitetsforlag, Aalborg University Denmark
Address: Bogota, Colombia
ISBN: 978-87-7112-637-2
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Abstract: The paper presents the results from the second year of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership "Collaboration and Innovation for Better, Personalized and IT-Supported Teaching", where seven universities and three companies work together on the joint course "Future Internet Opportunities" (5 ECTS). In the project and the course, we intend to tackle some of the major challenges we experience with university teaching today: An increasing number of students and more diversity among the students enrolled, an increasing pressure to ensure that the students are ready for the labour market after finishing university, and at the same time the challenges faced when it comes to adopting new technologies. The course consists of two parts: A course module part with 10 modules, which provides the students with broad knowledge on "Future Internet Opportunities" from social, technical and business perspectives, and a project part where the students work in groups across nationalities and disciplines on real-world Projects posed by companies. This paper presents the evaluations carried out by all participating students, and discusses the experiences with the different learning components including different features of the Learning Management System Moodle, which was used for the modules. Moreover, it introduces the concept of just-in-time resources for Problem Based Learning, where we tackle the challenge of providing the students with methods and tools to be used in the projects just when they need it.