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Title: A Queuing Model for Flexible Spectrum Allocation between Coexisting OFDMA Systems Leistungs-, Zuverl{\"a}ssigkeits- und Verl{\"a}sslichkeitsbewertung von Kommunikationsnetzen und Verteilten Systemen 7. GI/ITG-Workshop MMBNet 2013
Written by: Christoph Goertz and Maciej Muehleisen and Benedikt Wolz and Andreas Timm-Giel
in: sep 2013
Volume: 7 Number: 299
on pages: 15--20
Editor: Bernd E. Wolfinger and Klaus-D. Heidtmann
Publisher: Universit{\"a}t Hamburg, Department Informatik
Series: Berichte des Fachbereichs Informatik
Address: Hamburg
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Abstract: The demand for radio spectrum increases rapidly, while its amount is limited. Future wireless communication systems promise to provide high data rates to support current and future application demands. Almost all suitable spectrum is currently occupied by different systems but often not utilized either at certain times or in certain geographic regions. Cognitive radios can access such spectrum but often leak the ability to reliably sense the operation of the primary spectrum user. Coexisting systems following the same technology standard, for example IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) or 3GPP LTE, use defined channel access schemes and can therefore easier share resources dynamically. Unused spectrum resources of one mobile network operator can be shared with other, highly utilized, operators in close proximity. In this work a queuing model to evaluate the performance of coexisting, spectrum sharing, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) mobile radio systems is presented. Results show that the throughput and delay can be significantly improved if systems share the spectrum.