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Title: Coexistence and Radio Resource Optimization of Wireless Networking Technologies ComNets - Sonderband zur Er{\"o}ffnung des ComNets-Geb{\"a}udes
Written by: Andreas Koensgen and Mohammad Siddique and Carmelita Goerg and Guido Hiertz and Stefan Mangold and Sebastian Max and Maciej Muehleisen
in: 2008
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Editor: Bernhard Walke
Publisher: Mainz Verlag
Series: 1000
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Abstract: Wireless networks have to meet increasing demands in the future: high data rates for each user, high spectral efficiency and a range of different qualityof- service requirements for different applications. The systems, furthermore, should provide high energy efficiency to minimize interference and provide a fair share of the channel resources to provide coexistence between neighboring systems built on top of the same or even different radio network technologies. Another objective is to maximize the battery lifetime of mobile devices and at the same time reduce the electromagnetic impact on the environment (electric smog). This goal can only be achieved by a dynamic allocation of wireless resources. These issues are covered by three projects: In the COCONET project, the focus is on the coexistence between wireless LANs which control their spectrum access dependent on interference measurements experienced from neighboring networks and in this way provide a fair coexistence between each other. The project XLAYER considers the resource allocation by an access point which sends data to a number of stations over the downlink. In POSSUM, the coexistence of WLAN systems introduced in the COCONET project is extended to a cooperation of such systems inside meshed networks. This paper gives an overview of the three projects.