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Title: UMTS Application Trials: Teleambulance in the IST Project xMOTION IST Mobile Summit 2003, Aveiro Portugal, June 2003
Written by: Timm-Giel, Andreas and Amadou and Aust, Stefan and G{\"o}rg, Carmelita and Ehrichs, Lars and Kus, Mehmet and Wischnewski, Manfred B.
in: 2003
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Abstract: This paper presents the Teleambulance UMTS application trial of the IST project xMOTION. Within the xMOTION project three different UMTS demonstrators are set up in different application areas. The Teleambulance trial described in this paper considers two application scenarios. One is the emergency case and the second is the transport of patients. In the first case the treatment of the patient on the emergency location, his/her fast transport to the hospital and the instantaneous further treatment in the hospital are significant. The procedure can be greatly improved by the use of advanced communication systems as applied in the xMOTION project: remote support is given to the paramedics on spot and in the ambulance, medical data, audio/video information, and the emergency report are transmitted in advance to the hospital allowing to prepare the treatment immediately after arrival. The second scenario tested in the Teleambulance Trial of the xMOTION project is patient transport. In this scenario the patient is monitored while being transported from one hospital to another, because there is better or earlier treatment available. Remote support can be given to paramedics or doctors accompanying the patient. First phase of trials focused on the feasibility and acceptance testing of different components. A successful demonstration was among others given on the Medica exhibition in D{\"{u}}sseldorf, Germany, at the end of 2002. This paper describes the architecture of the platform for the second and third phase as well as the results of the first phase. xMOTION will be one of the first projects of the T-Mobile Bremen UMTS testbed. First results are expected to be available for the presentation of this paper.