Courses in the Bachelor Programme
Prof. Timm-GielComputer Networks and Internet Security  6Winter
Prof. Timm-Giel Project Seminar: Self-Organizing Systems  3Summer
Courses in the Master Programme                    
        Instructor                TitleECTS Term  Starting                                
Dr. MühleisenCommunication Networks I - Analysis and Structure




Prof. Timm-GielTraffic Engineering 62)Winter
Prof. Timm-Giel

Communication Networks II - Simulation and Modeling 6Summer
Prof. Timm-GielSeminar: Selected Topics
in Communication Networks    
6 3)Winter &
  • 1) 4 ECTS according to pre 2014 regulations are also possible upon request
  • 2) The module „Queueing Theory“ is part of Traffic Engineering and can be offered upon request 
  • 3) Interested students need to register in Stud.IP until October 20th, 2015


Research Projects (6 and 18 ECTS) are offered for students individually. Please contact Maciej Mühleisen directly for more information and a suitable topic.