Monday, July 15 Tuesday, July 16 Wednesday, July 17 Thursday, July 18 Friday, July 19
09:00 Registration Overview Overview Overview Overview
  Welcome Conceptual Modeling
(S. Robinson)
Evidence-based Social Simulation (S. Moss) Design of Simulation Experiments
(I. Lorscheid)
Social Simulation in Industry
(A. Sengupta)
10:00 Introduction to Social Simulation
(N. Gilbert)
  Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:00 Coffee Break Tut.:Evidence-based Social Simulation (S. Moss) Tut.: Designing & executing comp. experiments with MEME (L. Gulyás) Coffee Break
  Research Process in ABS (M.Meyer) Modeling qualitative data
(A. Geller)
Participants - Progress reports
12:00 Lunch
  Lunch Lunch
13:00 Lunch ODD
(V. Grimm)
Summary and Feedback
  Participants - Introduction, Project Overview and Questions When does simulated data match real data?
(W. Rand)
14:00 Experimental-based Modeling
(F. Squazzoni)
  Coffee Break  
15:00 Coffee Break Group Discussion B Coffee Break
  Policy Modeling
(K. Troitzsch)
Coffee Break Simulation & Significance
(K. Troitzsch)
16:00 Group Discussion A
  Summary & Wrap-Up
17:00 Summary & Wrap-Up Social Event and Dinner Group Discussion C
  Welcome reception
18:00 Summary & Wrap-Up
    Summary & Wrap-Up