Selma Saidi, Ph.D


Since January 2016, I have a permanent research position in the institute of  embedded systems  in Hamburg University of Technology. My research interests involve all software and hardware aspects of embedded systems design, implementation, validation, and verification, with a focus on the areas of formal timing analysis, parallel and heterogeneous embedded architectures for real-time safety-critical systems, reliability and security. This includes the following areas,

  •  Hardware/software systems co-design,
  •  System performance analysis for safety-critical systems,
  •  Embedded multi-core platforms,
  •  Formal timing analysis,
  • Reliability and security for connected systems,

I hold a Ph.D in computer sciences from the university of Grenoble, France (2008-2012) obtained under the supervision of Dr. Oded Maler[EXTERNAL] and conducted between VERIMAG, a leading research center in embedded systems, and  the AST(Advanced System Technology) Computing R&D Division in  STMicrotlectronics[EXTERNAL]. The focus of my Ph.D was about optimizing explicitly managed data transfers in innovative multi-core architectures for application acceleration such as STHORM/P2012. Later, I joined in 2013 the group of Prof. Rolf Ernst. in the Technical University of Braunschweig as a Postdoctoral researcher to work on formal timing analysis of shared resources in multi/many-core architectures dedicated to mixed-criticality systems.


Contact Details

Selma Saidi

Tel.: +49 (0) 40 42878-3590
Fax: +49 (0) 40 42878-2798
Mail: Selma.Saidi(at)

Building E, Room 3.002


Upcoming Events

  • Special Session @ ESWEEK2018 about: " Future Automotive Systems Design: Research Challenges and Opportunities": This special session will be part of CODES+ISSS and will be dedicated to invited speakers from industry to discuss current industrial trends and open problems in the hardware and software design of automotive systems, dictating rigorous constraints in terms of safety, real-time capabilities and security.

    Invited Speakers:

    • Dirk Ziegenbein - Robert Bosch GmbH: Talk Title: "Breaking Automotive Traditions ... but not the Legacy Code"
    • Gurulingesh Raravi - NVIDIA Corp: Talk Title: "The Journey Towards Reconciling Performance and Predictability"
    • Marko Wolf - ESCRYPT GmbH Talk Title:"New Cybersecurity Challenges in a Disruptive Automotive World"

Academic Activities

Organizational Activities
  • Workshop Organizer @ DATE2018/DATE2017 about: "New Platforms for Future Cars (NPCAR)": The goal of the  workshop is to bring together researchers as well as practitioners from academia and industry to discuss and investigate cutting-edge methods and tools that will be driving technology in the field of autonomous driving. Two consecutive editions of a full-day workshop gathered distinguished speakers from both academia and industry with a predominant participation from major automotive industry players, such as Bosch, NXP, Daimler, Infineon, ESCRYPT, TTTech and Ibeo-automotive.  More information about the events can be found on the following links: NPCAR2018, NPCAR2017.
  • Special Session Co-Organizer at DAC 2018 about “Designing Safe Automated Vehicles”.
  • Special Session Organizer @ ESWEEK 2015 about “The Shift to Multi-Cores in Real-time and Safety Critical Systems”.
Program Committee Member


Ph.D Dissertation:

  • S. Saidi,  "Optimizing Data Transfers for Embedded Multi-Cores", Ph.D thesis, UJF/STMicroelectronics, 2012, pdf, slides.
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  • Selma Saidi, Sebastian Steinhorst, Arne Hamann, Dirk Ziegenbein, Marko Wolf, "Special Session-Future Automotive Systems Design: Research Challenges and Opportunities ", CODES+ISSS 2018. New !!!
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