Selma Saidi, Ph.D


Since January 2016, I have a permanent research position in the Embedded System Lab in Hamburg University of Technology. Previously, I was doing a Post-Doc in the Technical University of Braunschweig with Prof. Rolf Ernst. , you can have access to my previous web page on the following link.

My research interests include embedded multi-cores with an additional concern for real-time and safety (mixed) critical systems, such as avionics and automotive domains.

I hold a Ph.D in computer sciences from the university of Grenoble, France (2008-2012) where I conducted an industrial Ph.D between VERIMAG[EXTERNAL] Lab, under the supervision of Dr. Oded Maler[EXTERNAL], and STMicrotlectronics[EXTERNAL] Grenoble in the AST(Advanced System Technology) Computing R&D Division.The focus was about optimizing explicitly managed data transfers in Multicore platforms such as STHORM/P2012.



Contact Details

Selma Saidi

Tel.: +49 (0) 40 42878-3590
Fax: +49 (0) 40 42878-2798

Building E, Room 3.002


Upcoming Events

  • Workshop @ DATE2018 about: "New Platforms for Future Cars: Current and Emerging Trends": The goal of the  workshop is to bring together researchers as well as practitioners from academia and industry to discuss and investigate cutting-edge methods and tools that will be driving technology in the field of autonomous systems in order to devise highly efficient systems and systems-ofsystems for future self-driving cars. More information about the event can be found on the following link:

  • 55th Design Automation Conference (DAC 2018)  (TPC member).
  • WATERS 2018: the 9th International Workshop on Analysis Tools and Methodologies for Embedded and Real-Time Systems.

Past Events

  • Workshop @ DATE2017 about: "New Platforms for Future Cars: Safety and Security Challenges". A first edition of this workshop was organized in DATE 2017 with a focus on the industrial challenges in hardware design, safety and security, The workshop gathered mainly people from industry, namely Infineon, Bosch, Daimler, Chrona, NXP, Kalray and ESCRYPT. The detailed program can be found on the following link:

  • 25th International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems (RTNS 2017), Grenoble, France, October 4-6, 2017 (PC member)
  • With a group of students, we won the First Prize in theSynC Contest 2017 competition organized in paris. The competition was organized jointly by ANSYS and the University of Paris Diderot and was about implementing, using SCADE Suite,  a driver for an autonomous robot navigation system in a virtual city.  More information are available here.


  • S. Saidi,  "Optimizing Data Transfers for Embedded Multi-Cores", Ph.D thesis, UJF/STMicroelectronics, 2012, pdf, slides.

Conference Papers:

  • Mohammad Hamad, Zain A.H. Hammadeh, Selma Saidi, Vassilis Prevelakis, Rolf Ernst, "Prediction of Abnormal Temporal Behavior in Real-Time systems",  SAC 2018 (To Appear) New !!!
  • Selma Saidi,  "On the Benefits of Multicores for Real-Time Systems",  DSD 2017  (Invited Paper)     New !!!
  • Eberle Rambo, Selma Saidi, Rolf Ernst, "Designing Networks-on-Chip for High Assurance Real-Time Systems",  PRDC 2017   New !!!
  • Adam Kostrzewa, Selma Saidi, Sebastian Tobuschat, Rolf Ernst, "Supporting Suspension-Based Locking Mechanisms for Networks-on-Chips", RTNS 2016   
  • Adam Kostrzewa, Selma Saidi, Rolf Ernst, "Multi-Path Scheduling for Multimedia Traffic in Safety Critical On-chip Networks", ESTIMEDIA 2016    
  • Adam Kostrzewa, Selma Saidi, Sebastian Tobuschat, Rolf Ernst, "Safe and Dynamic Traffic Rate Control for Networks-on-Chips", NOCS 2016    
  • Adam Kostrzewa, Selma Saidi, Rolf Ernst, "Slack-Based Resource Arbitration for Real-Time Networks-On-chip", DATE 2016
  • Eberle Rambo, Selma Saidi, Rolf Ernst, "Providing Formal Latency Guarantees for ARQ-based Protocols in Networks-on-Chip",  DATE 2016
  • Adam Kostrzewa, Selma Saidi, Leonardo Ecco, Rolf Ernst, "Dynamic Admission Control for Real-Time Networks-On-Chips", ASP-DAC 2016 
  • Selma Saidi, Rolf Ernst, Sascha Uhrig, Henrik Theiling, Benoit Dupont De Dinechin, "The Shift to Multicores in Real-Time and Safety-Critical Systems",  CODES+ISSS 2015  (Invited Paper)   
  • Adam Kostrzewa, Selma Saidi, Rolf Ernst, "Dynamic Control for Mixed Critical Networks-on-Chips",  RTSS 2015
  • Adam Kostrzewa, Selma Saidi, Leonardo Ecco, Rolf Ernst, "Flexible TDM- Based Resource Management in On-Chip Networks", RTNS 2015
  • Leonardo Ecco, Selma Saidi, Adam Kostrzewa, Rolf Ernst, "Real-Time DRAM Throughput Guarantees for Latency Sensitive Mixed QoS MPSoCs", SIES 2015
  • Selma Saidi, Ylies Falcone, "Dynamic Detection and Mitigation of DMA Races in MPSoCs", DSD 2015 
  • Leonardo Ecco, Sebastian Tobuschat, Selma Saidi, Rolf Ernst, "A Mixed Critical Memory Controller Using Bank Privatization and Fixed Priority Scheduling", RTCSA 2014  
  • Selma Saidi, Pranav Tendulkar, Thierry Lepley, Oded Maler, "Optimal 2D Data Partitioning for DMA Transfers on MPSoCs", DSD 2012, pdf, slides.
  • Scott Cotton, Oded Maler, Julien Legriel, Selma Saidi, "Multi-Criteria Optimization for Mapping Programs to Multi-processors", SIES 2011, pdf, slides.

Journal Papers:

  • Eberle Rambo, Christoph Seitz, Selma Saidi, Rolf Ernst, "Bridging the Gap between Resilient Networks-on-Chip and Real-Time Systems", Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing, 2018. (To appear)  New !!!
  • Adam Kostrzewa, Selma Saidi, Leonardo Ecco, Rolf Ernst, "Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Networks-on-Chips", Integration, the VLSI Journal-Elsevier, 2017.  
  • Selma Saidi, Pranav Tendulkar, Thierry Lepley, Oded Maler, "Optimizing Explicit Data Transfers for Data Parallel Applications on the Cell Processor", ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization, 2012 (Hipeac 2012), pdf , slides.
  • Selma Saidi, Pranav Tendulkar, Thierry Lepley, Oded Maler, "Optimizing Two-dimensional DMA Transfers for Scratchpad Based MPSoCs Platforms", Microprocessors and Microsystems Journal: Embedded Hardware Design, 2013, pdf.