Thesis Topics

Bachelor-, Projekt- und Masterarbeiten

  • Algebraic computing (Gröbner basics with applications)
  • Machine learning (spiking neural networks, robotic applications)
  • Quantum computing (algorithm design)

Students applying for project work or thesis should have attended one of my courses: Computability & Complexity, Soft Computing & Machine Learning, Elliptic Curves & Quantum Computing.



Recent Theses


  • Logic-based question-answering system for reading comprehension (Qin Li, Master, 2019)
  • Matlab implementation of Grover quantum algorithm (Max Gandyra, Project, 2019)
  • Training robots to grasp objects using reinforcement learning (Chao Hou, Project, 2019)
  • Comparison of machine learning algorithms for autonomous driving (Sascha Lüthje, Bachelor, 2019)
  • Support vector machine for the prediction of seesickness (Mengyu Shi, Master, 2018)
  • Design of Vulcan engine (Fynn-Jorin Flügge, Master, 2018)
  • Natural language processing and deep learning for sentiment analysis (Erik Oziel Hernandez Diaz, Project, 2018)
  • 3D-construction of roboter-hand controlled via Android (Marjan Hidalgo, Project, 2018)
  • Error supervision via OLAP-based expert system (Mengyu Shi, Project, 2018)
  • Comparison of techniques for the conversion of ANN to SNN (Tom Lemsky, Bachelor, 2018)
  • Classification of vessel state transitions in ports (Alexey Levakin, Bachelor, 2018)
  • Lower bound for the busy-beaver function via binary Turing machines (Alex Kossinz, Bachelor, 2018)
  • Adversarial machine learning (Mostafa Assaf, Bachelor, 2018)
  • Augmented reality for model railway (Jascha Helbig, Bachelor, 2018)
  • Simulators for spiking neural networks (Jonas Krug, Bachelor, 2018)
  • Quantum computing and the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm (Luis Cobo, Bachelor, 2018)
  • Quantum computing  and the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm (Karine Petrosyan, Bachelor, 2018)
  • Audio interface for real-time processing via FPGA (Klaus Benner, Bachelor, 2018)
  • Camera interface for FPGA board (Lutz Schammer, Bachelor, 2018)
  • Distributed monitoring of topological events via homology (Vincent Knapp, Master, 2017)
  • Recent methods for unsupervised hashing via graphs (Alexander Weber, Master, 2017)
  • Realtime GPGPU FFT ocean water simulation (Fyn-Jorin Flügge, Project, 2017)
  • Gröbner bases for linear codes (Emine Kocabas, Master, 2017)
  • Opportunities and risks of robotic process automation in supply chain management of high-tech industries (Sushree Dash, Master, 2017)
  • Design of chip-based logic analyzer (Florian Reinecken, Bachelor, 2017)
  • Interface architecture for high-level synthesis-based hardware accelerators (Lasse Knudsen, Bachelor, 2017)
  • Hardware accelerator for video segmentation via high-level synthesis (T. Domnitz, Bachelor, 2017)
  • Algebraic modeling of the Lac-Operon in E. coli (Lena Stohwasser, Bachelor, 2017)
  • Message passing decoding of LDPC codes (Aitor Lopez Hernandez, Project, 2017)