Second management meeting on September 3-4.


September 3 (focus: administrative issues)

10.00 Agenda and expected outcomes from the Management meeting

10.30 Budget status and budget for 2016 activities (Jens)

11.30 Status on deliverables and outputs from the first year. (Jose/Lea)

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Dissemination – status and plan for 2016 (Andreas)

14.00 Any other business

15.00 Evaluation of the first year of Colibri (both academic and organisational aspects).

17.00 Finish the meeting – dinner at 18.30




September 4 (focus: Colibri course for 2017)

9.00 Start of meeting

We should go through the following points:

  • Re-cap of the discussions during the project seminar in Riga and evaluation from yesterday.

  • Take away messages and adjustments for 2016

  • Content of modules and projects

  • Form of modules and projects (teaching material forms)

  • Examination

  • Kick-off seminar

  • Midway seminar

  • Project seminar

  • Process for teaching material development.

  • Teacher training seminar in Athens

We will have lunch at 12.30.

16.00 End of meeting